Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Homeschool Year

My first homeschool blog! :)  I've been blogging for awhile at my personal blog, but decided this year that we'd try a homeschool "only" blog.  I say "only" because, as you know, life all mixes together.  We've been an Army family for over 9 years and have homeschooled from the start.  Adisson, our oldest son, is entering the fourth grade this year.  Zander, our middle son, is starting Kindergarten!!  Jaxon, our little ball of energy is 2 years old and will be tagging along for the fun of it!!

What curriculum do we use?

We use Time4Learning as our core curriculum.  It's a great, computer based program that covers Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science.  Both boys will use it this year.  Adisson likes that he has some control over his lessons and that he can work independently.  I like to be nearby, especially when he's covering new topics, so I can be available for questions and so I can stay updated on what he's learning.

Spelling City
This is a sister site to Time4Learning that we use for Spelling.  Another T4L user has already set up the spelling lists by each grade so all the work is pretty much done for me.  Adisson then has to head over to Spelling City, find his list for the week, and work on his assignment.  We review orally and he will write out his list by hand at least once per week.  I don't want to skip over handwriting altogether even though we are using a computer-based curriculum.

Cub Scouts
I know what you're thinking, Cub Scouts isn't a homeschool curriculum.  And you're right.  However, we are VERY active in Cub Scouts.  Adam and I are Den Leaders for Adisson's Den so we're all busy with Scouts!  But there's so much stuff that they do, work on, learn, etc. that it has become one of the funnest parts of our homeschool.  Adisson is able to spend some time during the day to work on different activities that are very educational and also earn him recognition with Scouts, so it's totally a win-win.  Plus, it's really fun!! :)

Pianimals is a fun, learn to play piano at home program that we heard about online somewhere.  Adisson really likes it. It can be a little "baby-ish" for him now as a fourth grader, but he doesn't deny the ease of use and how it's not difficult to learn a new piece of music because of the way it's presented.  We've talked about him taking piano lessons, but right now, he doesn't seem that interested.  I guess we'll just stick with what he's already using.

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