Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back on track.

What a difference a few days can make.  :)

Adisson and I have been working really hard to get him caught up in the last two days.  I know I shouldn't be so schedule focused, but prior to this year, and prior to Time4Learning, I didn't do the job I should have done as a homeschool mom.  It didn't make a huge difference because Adi is a voracious reader and seemed to pick up what he needed, but I promised him (and myself) that things would be different for us this year.  I wanted him to know that I viewed his education as important and a priority...not something we just fit in when we could.  So I have a schedule.  And if we miss a day, I want to make it up.  And we do.  :)

This week we've been talking about antonyms and synonyms for language arts.  Adisson knows what they are and what they mean, but he's struggled a few times with antonyms.  I know if he would slow down and read things carefully, he'd do MUCH better but he's not hearing me when I explain that to him.  Using a computer based curriculum is great, but I also like to reinforce what we're learning with supplemental worksheets, especially if he's struggling.  Thankfully, I found a teacher resource page that had a few synonym and antonym worksheets for extra practice.  We worked on it again today and he seemed to understand things much better and breezed right through the lesson.

Math is going pretty well so far this week.  He's been doing less than/greater than and he LOVES that because he's good at it.  I don't have to hear him grumble when it's time for math.  We've saved a lot of our big science and social studies lessons for tomorrow and Friday because I wanted to spend most of the day focused on those two subjects.  I'm hoping to add several pictures soon of what we worked on this week, along with a more detailed blog post about what we've learned.

The beginning of our school year has been a little hectic, of course, and my big focus has definitely been on Adisson and starting his fourth grade year out strong.  I definitely want to take more time doing other things with Zander, though.  I want him to know that his school work is just as important to me.  He LOVES doing his school stuff on the computer and really enjoys his online kindergarten games, I just want to be sure that when it's his turn, he gets my undivided attention, too.  I'm hoping to add in a few things next week that are just for him.  I don't want my poor middle kid to ever feel like he's just lost in the shuffle.  :)

It's been a long day.  School was busy, dentist appointment this afternoon, mowing this evening (I hate to do it, but I always feel like She-Ra when I do some manly task all by myself!), and doing dishes while the boys turned the hallway into a bowling alley (literally).  I'm going to go lay down, watch a chick flick I've been meaning to see, and call it a day.  :)

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