Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I wish I could bottle the "new school year" excitement!

Week Two has started off well.  Around here, I celebrate even the smallest victories!

This year, I'm hard at work on a few key areas in our homeschool.  The first of which is the most fun...PROJECTS!  The boys love projects and truth be told, I love them, too.  It can be difficult to work on a project with a toddler running around toilet papering the house, but I'm doing the best I can to keep him involved and entertained.  It really doesn't help that he's trying to give up his nap time right now (this Mama is NOT ready for that!!).  Time4Learning's homeschool Social Studies and Science often have smaller projects sprinkled throughout the lessons that require minimal supplies and set up time so I've promised we'd try to include those as often as we can.  This week, that means that we are cave painting, cuneiform making, and mold growing. :)  Adisson is thrilled!!  We've completed our painting and cuneiform writing.  Tomorrow, we'll start our bread mold science project.

Clockwise from top left: Mine, Jaxon's, Zander's, and Adisson's ancient Mesopotamia cave writing.

Adisson's clay tablet.  We had such a good time with this!

And our next (and biggest) area to improve on is math.  Math is not Adisson's strong suit and as a result, he doesn't enjoy it. Of all subjects we spend time on, math is his least favorite.  Fortunately, he definitely enjoys online math over workbooks.  We still use worksheets to reinforce learned concepts, but he definitely seems to gain the necessary math skills quicker if he's working online.  So far, the start of this year has been review and he's really good at the concepts he's been reviewing.  I hope that helps build up his confidence when things get a little more difficult as the year progresses.  I have no exciting math pictures to share with you.  :)  How exciting are math worksheets anyway?  But so far all of them have a nice smiley face stamp on them, so that's good news.

On a side note, Zander gets a sticker on his papers for a job well done and Adisson has decided that he's "way too old" for that and would like a stamp instead.  The only stamps I have are some marker stamps I picked up from the dollar store.  When I was shopping last weekend, I looked all over the place for some neat little stamps and the only ones I found were girly ones.  That would not work here. Where have all the stamps gone?  :)

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