Saturday, September 29, 2012

Making your own pretty gross!

This week was a pretty fun week.  We didn't go anywhere so that might have had something to do with it.  We definitely get a lot more done at home when we aren't busy running around.  We had a few Scout meetings, but nothing too hectic.

Adisson breezed through homophones and we also worked on rounding numbers and estimation.  I wish he didn't hate math so much, and it's only about to get worse as we'll be reviewing multiplication facts, but maybe one day it won't be so bad.  (I really don't believe that as I type it.)  Necessary evils, I guess.  :)

Something that is new for us this week is our premium membership to Spelling City.  We've been using the free side of the site for our weekly spelling lists, review exercises, and online spelling tests, but I had no idea what I was missing out on by not having a premium membership, until now.  I've set up an account and login just for Adisson where he can sign on and see what assignments he has and when they are due.  Plus, I've added all of his vocabulary lessons because there are parts of the site set up just for vocab. lists.  Adi is getting to practice his spelling and vocabulary words in several different ways, which really reinforces what he's learned.  My favorite is the definition matching game, but his favorite is Speedy Speller.  :)

We talked a lot about ancient Egypt this week.  Adisson would love to visit all the places we talk about.  First, he wanted to see the Stele of Hammurabi on display in France.  Now, the Rosetta Stone, which is located in England.  We also, briefly, mentioned Old Faithful the other day, so now he wants to go there.

This week, after discussing ancient Egyptian writing, we tried our hand at making paper.  It was gross. :)  But here are a few of our pictures from that experiment!!

Our ingredients needed for homemade paper: blender, bowl full of newspaper squares,
and homemade hanger/pantyhose screens for the pulp.

Adisson getting ready to play with the icky stuff. 

We decided to add blue food coloring to our paper pulp.

A sink full of water, some glue, and a whole lotta gross, wet newspaper bits.  

Our homemade paper.  Adisson's on the left, mine and Zander's on the right.
Adisson's turned out REALLY nice!

A close-up of how pretty it turned out.  

Zander and I are still trying to find our rhythm and I'm not sure what's taking us so long. He really enjoys his computer work and we have a great time reading books together.  He participates in all of our science experiments and social studies projects.  I guess we just haven't found our niche yet.  We stopped by our local homeschool bookstore (AMAZING place, btw) and I picked up a few old Mailbox Magazines for Kindergarten.  Maybe a more purposeful lesson plan will help out with our day.

Jax has been enjoying his toddler busy "bag" activities lately.  I made several of them for him over the summer.  Instead of showing you pictures, I'm thinking I'll do a video blog on what we have/use/like here at our house.  Vlogging is a new idea for me, but I'm pretty interested in it so hopefully I'll have something for you soon!!

Well, that about sums up our week here.  I hope there's more fun to report next week as we continue on our adventures in homeschooling!

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