Friday, September 21, 2012

Seriously, another week has flown by already?

Wanna hear about our week?  It's been very hectic!

Sadly, that meant putting our big social studies projects on hold until next week.  I was disappointed and so were the boys.  We kept up with our "3 R's" this week, but kept it pretty light for science and social studies due to our busy schedule.  We did some small science experiments this week regarding temperature and solutes, solvents, and solutions.

Today, I spent a majority of my time getting things cleaned around the house as we have company this weekend!  My in-laws are here for a quick visit and we were busy getting the guest room ready and the house straightened up.  We had time this morning for language arts, spelling, and math.  Since we didn't get to our social studies today,  I decided the boys could at least spend some time playing some geography games online.  Adisson and I had fun trying to label all 50 states correctly on a blank map before our time ran out.  He also enjoyed playing timed geography spelling games.  That kid can get really excited racing against a clock.  Then, he played some online hangman.  He didn't realize he was practicing his spelling words. :)

Zander is working on writing his last name.  It's hard for him because he will only write in capital letters.  He ends up using the whole line for his first name and not having enough left for his last name. He also spent some time this week using the file folder games I made for him.  I've learned, though, that he's advancing beyond them and I need to make some that will be more relevant to his current level of learning.

Jaxon has been learning this week, as well.  We've been practicing his counting which is pretty good until he hits about 13 and then it gets a little out of order until he gets to 17 then he seems ok!  He's been fussing lately that he wants to have time on the computer, too, to do his school work.  I try to make sure he gets to play a little online, but it's hard when there's four people trying to use one computer.  I think another desktop computer is in our future so we can set up a computer lab.

I know I promised pictures this week, but my phone is still broken.  Ugh.  When you utilize a smartphone for a lot of everyday activities/information, it can be frustrating to be without it.  The new parts were to come in today, but did not make it here.  Hopefully, I can get it fixed this weekend.  Being married to a tech geek sure has its advantages.

Ok, tomorrow is going to be a tremendously busy day with our company so I'll wrap this up.  I hope you had a good week of homeschooling and a great weekend of family time ahead of you!

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