Saturday, September 1, 2012

Week One: Done

We finished our first week of school!  But because I haven't posted them yet, here are some pics of my goofy guys on the first day of school.  I have nicer pictures on the camera, but I snapped these with my phone when they were being silly.  I love the silly pictures the best!! :)

My little duck face. :)  
Forever a pirate.  

This is the "Ok, stop now, be serious," pose I got.  

Zander was excited every single day he woke up, ready to start school.  He's got that Kindergarten zeal that I love so much.  He's in love with learning right now and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  Especially since my oldest son feels like he should not be bothered with school.  Sigh.  We're working on attitudes around here, too, but it's no surprise to me where he gets it from...I've met his parents.  

Jax really wants to be included, so he often is.  We spend most of our day in the school room.  I'm so glad we made the decision a few months ago to switch some rooms around and make the "bonus room" our school room instead of just the toy room.  It's been a huge blessing and it's what keeps all three boys engaged all day.  While Adisson is working on his Time4Learning at the desk, Zander is at the school table working on his handwriting or coloring or just telling me a story, and Jax is over at the train table playing.  This enables Jax to feel included so that when we start doing something fun, he's right there.  And if we are ever doing a project, there's Jaxon sized materials available.  By kid #3, I've got the hang of making sure everyone is included.  :)

I've done a pretty good job staying "in front" of everyone's lessons, too.  I know what's upcoming and I'm ready for it when it happens.  But as with lots of other homeschool moms, the bliss of educating kids at home  in September can fade to throwing up the white flag by February (or sooner).  :)  I'm hoping we can keep some sort of momentum.

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