Friday, October 12, 2012

Another day.

Today, we got to take advantage of the amazing weather and spend the afternoon in the park with friends.  A park with very few other people, allowing the boys to run around shooting Nerf guns at each other for a few hours.  These days are some of my favorite homeschooling days.

In school news, we're finished with our online lessons of Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Indus River Valley.  Adisson took his test on it today and did really well.  It's exciting when the information *sticks*.  We're going to do a few projects next week before we head into our next unit.  One of which is to set up a race between two people to see who can find all of the places we've talked about on a blank map.  Adisson said he wanted to race his Dad since he knows I could win if he races me!

Yesterday, something supremely amazing happened at our house.  Zander read his first book.  :)  And everyone got excited!  Today, he read another book.  And it was still just as awesome.  We tried working on reading before the summer started, but it was more frustrating than it was fun so we put it aside...completely.  I started working with him again this week and it's definitely "clicking" this time.  I'm telling you, these are the moments.  A kid understanding and remembering information that we've been working on from the start of school until now, another kid grasping the ideas of reading, these are the reasons I don't give up, these are the reasons why I love homeschooling.  Sometimes, I have to remind myself of these moments when I feel like throwing in the towel.  Let me tell you, I've had several of those "throw-in-the-towel" moments this week alone!

Other learning took place this week, too.  Adisson's science lessons have been about energy.  Science is NOT my favorite (read: I usually don't understand it!) so I'm hoping that if we have some spare time this weekend, we can fit a few experiments that I'd like for Adam to work on with the boys.  We're still brushing up on pronouns and adjectives with Adisson, which he doesn't enjoy, but he doesn't mind the spelling games, so I'll take what I can get.  We're also working on multiplication but let's not visit that dark place.  :)

Zander and I have spent extra time this week reading together and talking about things that we've read.  Maybe that's all he really needs right now, some one-on-one time with me to just talk and read.  Sure, we have lots of time together, but not a lot of it is alone, quiet, and without someone needing my attention for something.  I hope he knows how much I cherish him.  I'm sure it's difficult when Adisson's working on 4th grade stuff and needs my help and Jaxon is two and spends his entire day demanding my attention.

I know I talk about how great homeschooling is and how much I love it.  It is great and I do love it, but some days are horrible.  Some days, the boys spend ALL DARN DAY fighting with each other, whining about school (ARE WE DONE, YET?!), fussing about chores, complaining about every.single.thing and I feel like I'm only here to clean, cook, and mediate.  Some days, I barely get showered before Adam gets home, some days I don't manage to fit that in until after the kids are in bed. I often feel like I'm failing at something or several somethings all at once.  At least once each week, I'm wondering if I'm doing the right thing by homeschooling and wonder if the boys would gain more by being in public school...or if I'd be less stressed if they got on that bus.  But at the end of the day when I sit down to blog about our school, I have a minute to reflect on the good stuff and not just be zeroed in on the bad stuff.  When it's quiet, when the day is over, I remember the reasons why we've chosen this lifestyle.  And I get myself ready for another day.

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