Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Little of this, little of that.

This week has been a pretty easy week so far and I'm pretty sure the boys are excited about that!  I had an infusion today so I never count on getting much done since I'm at the hospital for about 4 hours.  Fortunately, I left a list behind of things that needed to be done today and saved the heavy stuff for tomorrow.

Adisson is still working hard on his multiplication facts.  I hate that he struggles so much with math anxiety so I keep trying to find new and exciting ways for him to practice.  He's getting better, little by little, but still does not look forward to the math portion of his day.  But any progress is success so we'll just keep going.

Zander has been working more on reading.  He gets so excited to work toward reading a new book.  We have to work on sight words this week, but we introduce them a few at a time, so it's not too overwhelming. Next week, I'm hoping we can spend some more time working his handwriting.  He doesn't like to write when he's asked to and I'm afraid I'm going to have yet another son with barely legible handwriting.

Jaxon is working on counting and shapes.  He's getting pretty good at recognizing numbers and counting past 10.  When he's in a good mood, he's super fun to be around.  Otherwise, he can be *challenging*..... but he's my baby so I deal with it.  He's really having fun playing computer games like his big brothers.  I've been letting him get on Time4Learning's preschool lessons and he LOVES it!  He really likes to "do school work" like his big brothers.  I get tickled seeing how well he can navigate a mouse and through a lesson.

I know I talk a lot about how great homeschooling is for us and it's a decision that I often defend and readily stand beside, but I know it's not for everyone.  Of course, there are pros and cons to homeschooling for every family.  I understand the decision to homeschool may not work for every family, just as the choice of curriculum or after school sports wouldn't be exactly the same for each family.

Anyway, that's about it for our week so far.  It's getting hectic here because Adam's getting ready to leave soon and we are busy trying to get  A LOT of stuff done before he goes.  We'll be moving AS SOON as he returns home so there's just a never ending list of things to do.  But...that's how we roll so it's nothing new, really.  In the meantime, I've got a few more things to do tonight for work, school, and play so I'll wrap this up.  Back in a few days with an update!

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  1. My boys are 5 years apart in age, and my youngest was not quite 2 when my oldest started using Time4Learning. He wanted to do school like his brother SO bad, lol! We let him play around on sites like Starfall for a while, but when he turned 3 we couldn't placate him anymore so we signed him up for T4L's preschool. He was a little young, but so happy. It cracked us up. On one hand, we had my oldest who, while loved being at home, didn't like the schooling so much. On the other hand, we had that little guy *begging* to do school, lol.

    Enjoyed reading this, and not to sound creepy (I always worry about creepy stalker types online, lol), I love all of the names you bestowed on your little guys! :)



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