Friday, October 5, 2012

When life gets in the way.

This week was not a school filled week.  :)  I know I've mentioned it before, but I have health issues that I deal with on an ongoing basis.  This week was a week of not feeling well, a long day at the infusion clinic, and the arrival of company.  So we spent a little time with school, but not enough.  But...that's life.  And honestly, as my husband prepares to deploy later this month, I expect there will be a few more days like these.

We did manage to work on a few things.  I printed off a few English practice worksheets and math worksheets for review.  Adisson struggles with multiplication quite a bit and that's what we're working on in math right now.  I know some people aren't big fans of printable worksheets, but I like them.  Since we use a computer-based curriculum as our core learning program, it's important to me that Adisson has opportunities to review material and practice writing as well.  For instance, it's imperative that he set up a math problem correctly on paper, ensuring that all the numbers line up where they need to be, and that he shows his work for each problem.

We did find some time to talk about ancient Egypt since that is what we are studying right now.  We learned about the mummification process.  And that was gross!  But little boys get really excited to learn when you start talking about using a wire hook to pull a brain out of a nostril.  :)  The plan is spend the beginning part of next week building a pyramid from Legos and making a mummy case from cardboard.

Adisson and his homeschooled best friend are entering a local science fair and this week decided on a science project.  They are going to make a battery from pennies and nickels.  I've never tried this experiment before and they haven't either so it will be fun to learn about it together.  We weren't able to meet up to discuss the project, so the boys talked about it over the internet via webcam.  They thought that to be pretty funny and spent most of the time making faces at each other.  :)

Zander and I have a hard time working on things together during a good week of school so this week that was even more difficult.  I underestimated how difficult it was going to be teaching two kids with Jaxon running around throwing toys and yelling.  I'm still waiting on the answer of how to do it all better, but this homeschool mom is no superwoman.  I am definitely struggling to find the balance right now.

I still want to talk about how great Cub Scouts is going and the impact it has on our school.  I still want to make a video about the great toddler busy bags we have and how they can manage to keep Jax occupied for a few minutes at a time.  I keep saying I'll get to those things, but in reality, that might all have to wait until I get through these next few weeks of prepping for a deployment.  Being a homeschooling Army family definitely adds some extra chaos....errr, excitement, to our lives.  :)

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