Sunday, November 4, 2012

.....carry on.

Another hectic week.  We've been working on last minute shopping, making sure Adam has everything he needs before he leaves, making sure I have everything done before he leaves.  We're totally bucking our normal tradition and setting up our Christmas tree this week.  The boys want their dad to see it before he goes.  It's mostly because I'm sooo hormonal right now, but things like that make my heart break.  I ask so much of my boys to be brave, strong, courageous...when some days being a military kid just kinda sucks.  :(

School has been going along, slowly, but going.  Zander is still working on reading skills.  He's doing pretty well!  He doesn't seem too rushed to learn so we're taking it slow.  He does really well with his online math games, but when you're in Kindergarten, math is pretty simple.  :)

Adisson has moved on to Mayan history in Social Studies and simple machines in Science, both of which are pretty interesting.  He could pretty much do those two subjects all day.  Nevertheless, we worked on interjections and idiom games, as well.  Math, the ever present thorn in my side, still comes around to taunt us on a daily basis.  We don't give up, we just keep working on it.  He'll get it.  It may kill me, but he'll get it.

Jaxon is learning many different ways he can tell me he's not interested in peeing on the potty.  I have no hope that he'll graduate from diapers anytime before next summer, but a tired, old mama can dream, right?

I know this is our homeschooling blog, and I try hard to keep it mostly focused on our homeschooling adventures, but you know that isn't always possible.  I want to tell you how exciting is to watch our house being built from the ground up as the boys have thoroughly enjoyed every visit we've made out there (more so for the big pile of dirt in the yard than for anything else, really).  And I have to tell you about what we're experiencing as my husband's trip draws near, because it's here, it's there, it's all around us.  So what I'm asking you now is that as I share our lives with you, would you pray for my family, if you're the praying kind?    Or thinking good thoughts for us if that's more your thing.  Separation is hard for my guys, no matter how brief it may seem to others.  It's not a picnic for me, either, but I'll do ok.

Jax will ask everyday where his Daddy is and when is he coming home?  Is it now?  How about now?  In a little bit?  And Zander will ask me how many times does he have to wake up until his Daddy is here?  And why does his Dad have to miss his birthday?  And Christmas?  And Adisson, my strong, silent guy will wish that his Dad was here for Cub Scouts, for his birthday, and for when Black Ops 2 comes out.  I'll wish I didn't have to go to the store with three kids asking for 8 different kinds of cereal, remember to take the trash to the curb, or fix stuff.  Mostly, I'll just miss having my partner in crime chaos life be home everyday, reminding me that as long as we're together, everything is right.

It's what we do...being an Army family.  And sometimes, it all seems great.  But when I miss Ohio so much I cry or when my husband is getting ready to leave on a jet plane, being an Army family takes all the strength I have, we have.

But man, if we aren't one heck of an Army Strong family.  :)

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  1. :) You are stronger than you know! Love you!


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