Sunday, November 25, 2012

I could spend a year giving thanks!

I love Thanksgiving!  It's my favorite holiday!  I was a little sad that we weren't going home to Ohio for Thanksgiving this year, but it's pretty difficult to travel that far with the kids and no other adult to help me, plus expensive, and we have obligations we had to limit our trip to just at Christmas.  Fortunately, I have some AMAZING friends in Maryland who decided to come down to spend the holiday with us and it was so nice.  Plus, I got to go Black Friday shopping with one of my most favorite people.  :) last week was sparse.  We did a little, not a lot.  I've promised myself and my boys that the next four weeks of school before Christmas and moving were going to be purposeful and busy.  They said ok, but  I know they like the weeks of easiness.  :)

I've been checking out where they are now with school as we approach the end of the first half of the year.  Adisson's doing pretty well.  We're starting to get a little behind in math, but we are still constantly working on multiplication tables.  He's getting there and I'm so happy for that.  It's a slow and steady approach that will get us there and that's not typically something we encounter.

Zander is doing really well.  I hope this week we can spend a little extra time working on his reading.  He's doing a great job and I just don't want him to lose his momentum.  Plus, I know he'd be so excited to take a book or two to Ohio and show his grandparents his "new trick" and read a few books.

Jax is being Jax.  Fortunately, I sometimes see a glimmer of hope in his behavior, like maybe he is understanding me when I tell him why we can't throw an xbox controller at the tv.  On a good note, the tv will be mounted much higher in the new house so that will eliminate that particular source of frustration for me.  :)

As I've been going through the boys curriculum to see where we stand and where I'd like for us to be before we break for Christmas, I've realized what a blessing it has been for me to have found Time4Learning.  My only regret is that I wish we would have found it sooner.  It's been exactly what we need.  It's great to be able to recommend a program that works across many levels including special needs learning and homeschooling gifted learners.  I feel that there are so many kids that could benefit from this style of learning. It's also a blessing for me as it's super easy for me to see where we are, what we need to work on, etc.

Anyway, I've been saying that my blog posts will get better and I still promise they will.  :)  With Adam leaving, Zander's birthday, Thanksgiving, this week is Adisson's birthday, getting ready for Christmas, building a new house and getting ready to's been a lot.  But I'm committed to schooling these cute little guys and telling you about it.  So, again I promise that the more detailed blog posts (and with pictures!) will be back...hopefully VERY soon!! :)


  1. I have been blogging for a while, and I still find myself promising to get better about it, lol. It will happen! :)

    Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and your Black Friday shopping!


  2. I keep trying to be more intentional and with more details and great pictures....but I'm living in a world of chaos right now. :) I'm not sure what my excuse will be in the spring when my husband is home, there are no birthday parties to plan, the holidays are over, and we're done moving. I should start thinking of a good excuse now! :)


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