Sunday, November 11, 2012

Not a whole lotta learning....

It was a very busy week for us.  I feel like I keep saying that over and over again.  But things should begin to settle down a little now.  (Read: husband is finally on his "fishing trip".)  Every time he leaves, I'm whiny because he's gone, but it's also a sigh of relief that the anxiety of all the preparations is over.  So, now I've got to get back to work...literally and figuratively.  :)

Last week was not a busy school week for us.  We talked a lot about politics (which I won't discuss here) and what it means to vote.  I took the boys with me to vote so they could see the process and I wanted them to see me exercising my right to do so.  It was a great learning experience for us, in several ways.  

I still wanted them to have some time with school, no matter how brief.  They each spent some time playing some educational games online.  I just didn't have more time to devote to school last week and I'm ok with that.  We'll be making up for that this week.  Adisson did some spelling/language arts games (hangman, missing letter, and context games) while Zander did some letter matching and math games.

This week will be different.  :)  I don't have many plans, other than doing stuff around the house.  We're beginning preparations for moving so we're going through EVERYTHING to decide what can be kept and what is to be donated.  Tomorrow, we're participating in a Veteran's Day parade with Cub Scouts.  My middle son turns 6 on Saturday so we'll be having a birthday party for him.  And that's about it.  In the meantime, I've got crocheting to finish up and start, Christmas gifts to make, and a HUGE furniture project I'd like to have done before Adam gets home, though I'm not holding out a ton of hope.  :)

I'm hoping my next school update is a good one.  I'm hoping this upcoming week of school is a good one.  I'm hoping for projects, experiments, art, and learning.  I'm hoping I have a much better blog post to share with you regarding our week of homeschooling than I do now.  :)

I'm also hoping that the next few weeks/months are safe, uneventful, and find me on the other side of this fishing trip welcoming my husband home.  :)


  1. We have weeks like that too...where I'm thankful for games sites like SpellingCity and LearningGamesforKids. At least they are doing something educational. :)

    Good luck with moving preparations, crocheting and gift making! :D


    1. If it weren't for SpellingCity and LearningGamesforKids, I'd feel like nothing was learned last week! Thankfully, they spent a little bit of time doing something educational!

      Sometimes I wonder about the method to our many things going on at once, but then I realize that's how things always are around here. :)


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