Sunday, December 9, 2012

A busy month already.

Last week was a good week!  We got quite a bit of school done.  I planned on taking Friday off because I had my treatment that day, so I scheduled around that.  That turned out be a great blessing because Friday was a horrible day.  My treatment was exhausting and painful and I just wanted to sleep it off (no rest for a mama holding it down without Dad, though).

Adisson started his new Science unit on sound.  We were both very grateful to be done talking about energy.  It was a really interesting unit, but it was pretty deep and I sometimes had a hard time explaining things when we had questions...thank goodness for the internet.  Fortunately, when Adam is home, all science questions get fielded by him as he's much more capable of handling that subject.

He also started a new unit in Social Studies--early America.  That time period is clearly his favorite and I know he's very excited to be starting that unit.  It's a long one and will take up most of our remaining year so I'm happy he enjoys the topic so well.

He continued working on all of his language arts.  He's pretty good with vocabulary, spelling, etc. but he doesn't particularly enjoy it.  My saving grace is how much he enjoys the time he gets to play hangman, at least I know he's learning something while playing a "game."  We're still battling it out with math.  He's getting a Kindle for Christmas so I'm hoping to add some really fun math apps on it...maybe we can try yet another venue for learning his math facts.  I hate to see him struggle with it. :(

Zander, my lovely little Kindergartener, practiced more of his reading skills.  He's pretty good but still lacks the confidence I wish he had.  He's getting some new books for Christmas so maybe that will help him feel like he can read as well as I know he can.  He's also learning how to write his middle name.  He really doesn't like to write his whole name at all and I remind him that he's my only son without two first names, so he should be grateful!! :)  He doesn't mind too much when he gets a handwriting worksheet, though.  Something about calling it a "worksheet" is enough to convince him to write with minimal struggle.  I don't get it, but whatever works.

My Jaxy is been as ornery as ever.  Last week we worked on matching, memory games, and distinguishing numbers.  He's pretty quick.  I wish he knew his colors a little better but apparently that's not been on my to do list so he hasn't picked it up too quickly.  The little guys are getting tablets for Christmas as well (that's about all they are getting) so I'm hoping we can play together on it to see what cool learning apps are available.  He plays this fun game on my Nook, well, we play it together and it's about numbers, shapes, colors, fruits, etc.  I'm hoping to find something like that for him.

I ordered a few school supplies last week and I'm excited to put them into practice once we get moved.  I've been thinking a lot about how our school room is going to be set up when we get to the new house.  I want to do things the way I want them to be, not just the way they have to be because of the furniture we have, the layout we have, the stuff we have.  I want things to be intentional, not just because.

We're also in the middle of all things Christmas.  I am hoping to take this week and spend some time working on some fun Christmas traditions.  I hate to take too much time off because January is going to be a month of chaos for us as we welcome Daddy home and we move and get settled.  But it is what it is.  This is our life, it happens.  I just want this time to be fun for us even though we have a million things to do.  :)

Off to plan out our week and spend some time on my handmade Christmas goodies. :)

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