Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bring on December!

So my kiddo turned 10 last week.  How did that happen? Wasn't he just a toddler?? :)  He was very excited about his birthday which was a pretty mellow affair here at home.  We did a few more things over the weekend, but I'm hoping we can do something pretty cool when his Dad gets home.  We're going to Myrtle Beach in January for a Scout overnighter, so hopefully we can go a day early and get to do some fun stuff then.  Anyway, here's a few pics: 
Silly boys!

Fun with party hats.

His "Minecraft" cake.  Ughhhh.
Last week was a pretty good school week. I would have been happier to continue our momentum and keep on working (instead of breaking for Adisson's birthday) but I suppose that's a perk of homeschooling....birthdays off.  

Adisson's been learning  about plots and setting in Language Arts, changing money in Math, and prepping for tests in Science and Social Studies.  This week, he'll be taking his chapter tests on Force and Ancient Civilizations.  We're still working on his multiplication facts, little by little we're getting there.  

Zander is doing really well with his beginner reading.  For Christmas, the boys will be getting books of some sort and I think I'll get Zander some more beginner books.  He really likes to read them and we only have so many.  He's really good at his phonetic reading and reading comprehension, but he could use a little extra practice.  Last week, we also decided to make flashcards for his sight words. He loves math and overall just loves his school work.  He doesn't love handwriting, but I think that's mostly Adisson's doing because he complains so much about handwriting! :)

Jax has been having tons of fun sorting colors this week.  He keeps sorting different colored beads into empty milk jug lids.  I don't know how that became a "game" really, but I think I just pulled a few things out of his busy box a few months ago and we came up with that sorting game rather randomly but it's one of his favorites.  

This week will be a good week for school.  We've gotten of schedule a little bit with Adam being away for work so we're going to get back into our regular routine.  That will help ensure we get everything completed each day.  

Here's to another fun week of homeschooling!

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