Sunday, January 27, 2013

In the home stretch.

I thought the chaos would settle down a little, but not so much.  :)  Fortunately, the little boys rooms are unpacked and arranged and Adisson's is nearly finished.  Still need to get him a new bed but that might not happen until the weekend.  The school room is nearly put together.  I wish we could have painted before moving everything in and I suppose in a perfect world we could have timed things out a little better, but it didn't happen.  I'm saving it as a summer project.  Plus that will give me some time between now and then to decide if this current room set up is the way I want it to stay.

We're finally getting back to some hard hitting school this week.  It's been too long and it's noticeable.  I'm ready to work in some new things with Zander (lapbooking, anyone?!) and some funner things with Adisson.  Plus, Jax will be sitting in with some of Zander's activities, as well.  I'm hoping to concentrate on things better than we have in the past and spend less time trying to figure out what everyone is doing when.  Adisson still needs help with his online lessons and at the same time, the little guys want me to read or color with them.  So, I'm hoping in the next week or two we can work on alternating time with Mom.

The boys will be starting piano lessons soon, either this week or next.  I'm pretty excited!  I found a super great gal that does them out of her house during the day so I can't wait to incorporate that into our schedule. One of the things I find difficult is how much time we spend on activities during the evening and weekend, since that is crucial family time for us.  I'm really interested in finding activities that are catered to homeschool kids and meet during the day or early evening so we can be home when Adam's home from work instead of shuttling people here and there.  I'm also looking into a homeschool karate program, but more on that later.

Our big focus this week will be getting back into the swing of things.  Adisson will do more reading, more writing, more math, and much less whining during his lessons.  Zander will be working on his reading, with an emphasis on some sight words (practicing with some printable flashcards) because he still seems to be struggling with those when we have reading time.  Jax will be working his alphabet.  :)

We're also looking to add to our pet family with the addition of a kitten (or two!) so we're anxiously awaiting the news of an adoption application.  :)

Anyway, a busy day awaits us tomorrow.  The carpets are being cleaned at the old house and I still have to do some cleaning in the kitchen there (definitely shouldn't have put that off!).  Not looking forward to spending the afternoon cleaning in an empty house while kids complain about being bored.  :)

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