Sunday, January 13, 2013

One day closer to moving...

Ohmygoodness!  I hate moving!

Well, that's not entirely true.  I love change.  I love the newness it brings, the excitement it offers, it feels natural to change.  That's good for me since I married a soldier.  Typically speaking, we're known for moving around a little.  :)  This "new" duty station, however, should be a constant for us for awhile so it was nice to decide to build a be permanent, as much as we can be, anyway.

It's offering me a whole different kind of excitement!  We've owned a home before, but in the 4 1/2 years we had it, Adam was gone for nearly 3 of them.  I was left to take care of EVERYTHING and it was overwhelming.  He'll still be gone a lot, but I'm older now and have figured a few things out. :)

All that is on hold for right now.  There's no way I can keep up two houses, pack and move, and get a good, decent school day in.  But it's ok.  We'll be back to school soon and hit it hard.  I always get rejuvenated after a break.  :)  Right now, I've been thinking about how our school room will be set up in the new place.  I can't wait to get it all arranged for my guys.  It won't be a multi-purpose room for us anymore, not as much as it is now, so it will be nice to clear out some of the toys and stick with the good stuff.  :)

Adisson has been working on a little writing, somewhat on his own and a little encouraged by me.  I think I might look into a creative writing tutor in the next few weeks; at least knowing that's an option helps me maintain some confidence that there's still hope of him being a better writer.  He's really pretty good if I can get him to focus on what we're working on, but sometimes that's much easier said than done.

I'm ready to get back to homeschooling. I miss that time with my guys.  I miss reading with them, schooling with them, and doing projects.  I'm ready to find our normal again, no matter how short lived it is.  :)

Just a few more days of chaos....well, of moving chaos.  Unpacking chaos is a whole 'nother monster.  :)


  1. Life is school right? :) So much learning out there even when you are not doing "school". During times where everything is "up in the air" we usually work on life skills. I bet the kids and you are really enjoying having your hubby back too! How long was he gone?

  2. I feel like the boys can't stand to have him leave their sight. Every time he runs an errand (because with moving, there's an abundance of them) they get nervous that he's leaving for too long. :) Fortunately, he was only gone a few months. We've done several yearlong deployments so I'm very grateful that this wasn't one of them!


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