Sunday, January 20, 2013

We're Home!!

Whew!  Sooo, we're technically in the new house, but also not quite out of the old one, yet.  :)  We still have a few things left at our old place and a MILLION boxes here at the new place!  Fortunately, my husband still hasn't gone to work since he returned home and has this week available to be here and help me get stuff done.  The plan is to have the boxes unpacked before next Monday.  We'll see if that happens!

And with all the moving business we're neck deep in, school has still remained on hold until next week.  By then, I'll have the school room arranged and set up!  I wish we had some time to paint it now because moving everything around when we do decide to paint is going to be a pain in the tush.  I think the boys are getting some pretty rad school desks to go in the new room.  I know some people may think that isn't necessary or is too much like trying to duplicate school here at home, but my guys are craving the personal space of their own desk and this seems to be the simplest way to accomplish that.  No, they won't be sitting at them all the time (because we do a large majority of our school work on the computer) but it will give them a place to be working on stuff when their brother is busy doing school online.

Not to say that we haven't done any school at all in the past few weeks.  The boys got tablets for Christmas and they've been busy playing some pretty neat games on them.  Zander was impressing us A LOT the other night with his newfound math facts!  I get all excited when he gets excited!  Plus, we've done a lot of talking with each other about all kinds of stuff.  We've worked on geography, history, and science with Adisson (who has discovered his love of Man vs. Wild on his Kindle).  We've talked about rhyming words, segmenting, and simple addition with Zander.  Jaxon's biggest learning hurdle this week is trying to remember that he's three and not two anymore.  :)  We've read books, watched some cool Netflix shows, and played some educational games.  So...we're not sitting in our super awesome (to be) school room, but we're learning.

A lot to get done this week.  I'm sooooo anxious to get back to school work and getting back to real work for me.  (My online job that is.  As I missssssssss doing more of it since our hectic days/weeks have meant a super light workload... :(

Plus, I'm pretty sure Adam is excited to get back to work, too.  We love each other...a whole bunch...but we also need some time apart to remember why we like each other so much.  :)  Funny sentence to type when just a few weeks ago he was gone and I was missing him TERRIBLY!!  But that's always how it goes for us!!


  1. How exciting yet stressful! I would love to see your new schoolroom and desks when it is set up. I really need to get both kids desks for the same reasons you stated.

  2. How wonderful to hear that your hubby is home and you guys have finally moved! Looking forward to checking back in with you after things start to settle down (haha...settle down? I only have 2 boys and we are never "settled," can't even imagine 3 boys, an army husband AND a move, lol!). :D


  3. Joy, I'll definitely post new school room photos as soon as the boxes are 86'ed. :) I really wish we would have had time to paint the room before we moved but I think it will be a summer project. It's going to be a pain in the neck to shuffle everything around to paint though! :)

    Kat, This month has been about as stressful as it gets, but I finally see the light at the end of the intense chaos tunnel! Soon it will be just our everyday madness. :)


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