Monday, February 11, 2013

Another week I got to spend with my guys!

Well, last week didn't go quite as planned.  But what did happen is my boys got to see how important it is to be there when someone needs you.  That's pretty important.

Over the weekend, we finally got Adisson's mattress purchased and got his room set up.  In the shuffle of moving and him sharing a room with his brother (temporarily), I forgot how much he loves to have his own space.  Exhausted from a weekend of sleepovers (two back to back!) and overwhelmed by little brothers, my oldest kiddo thankfully retreated to his room.  He fell asleep before he could get all the kitty stuff set up in there as he's hopeful they will use his room as theirs.  :)

Last week, we did get school stuff done.  Zander finally got some extra time with his online Kindergarten lessons and was excited to be allowed to complete as many as he wanted. We've been doing some fun "circle time" activities in the morning the past few weeks and it really helps get the little boys excited to get their day started.  Plus, it gives Adisson some uninterrupted time for his lessons.  I can't seem to keep the younger boys preoccupied for his entire school day but I try to keep them busiest in the beginning when he's working on math and language arts.

I sometimes wonder how this is all going to work out when these little guys get bigger and bigger.  I've already decided that our plan is to homeschool through high school and sometimes I get a little nervous about being enough Mom/Teacher to go around.  Thankfully, I know there's assistance available from online homework help to SAT writing.  It helps to keep my anxiety down when I start to panic thinking about the time when Zander's the same as as Adisson is now and I have 8th grader, a 4th grader, and 1st grader!

I still haven't managed to get the boys' school desks picked up.  Ugh.  I keep meaning to and I've seriously annoyed the guy on craigslist.  I hope I get something figured out this week.  We've been working on the floor and while that's ok, it's usually a little hairy down there (yay for pets!).  But I know it will help them (and me!) so I need to make it a priority.  Perhaps tomorrow night before Adam leaves for a business trip.  (That's a funny thing to call something when you're married to the Army...but it's about right.)

Things are going pretty well with the house.  I try not to stress that the upstairs isn't getting decorated yet, but I'm only human and can do just what I can do and nothing more.  We've definitely put a priority on the downstairs because that's where we "entertain" people (that's funny because we have yet to actually do that!) so I'm trying to just be at peace about doing things in phases.  The funny thing about that is that I don't want everything done at once because I like to have projects to work on.  So even if we could, I wouldn't want to have everything done at once! :)  I'm so finicky and indecisive.

In the meantime, I suppose it would be a good idea to get to bed.  Tomorrow is my day at the hospital and I need the rest.  I've also got to find a book to read on my Nook while I'm getting my treatment as it takes HOURS and I get a teensy bit bored.  AND....who doesn't like a few quiet hours to read alone?!


  1. Your week sounds like the last couple of mine, lol. Good luck! of the benefits of homeschooling is you can play catch up at your own pace. Which is good. Even if, like me, you always seem to find yourself "behind." :/

    Love the new look of your blog! :)

  2. Honestly, I'm not sure I've ever felt like we were ahead of the game...always playing catch up instead. But the boys seem to be doing just fine so I *try* not to let it bother me...much. :)

    Maybe the "back in session" part of my blog seems a little meant for September, but it feels like we're finally heading in the right direction of being back on track so it seemed appropriate! :)


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