Sunday, February 24, 2013

Let them eat cake.

Some weeks are just good weeks.  And boy are they nice to have!  Last week was a little hectic for us (because Daddy was away for work) so that always stresses me out thinking that school is going to be hectic as well.  But it was so good! (It's ridiculous how giddy I am over a week!)

Adisson did a lot of learning.  We're reviewing the use of a dictionary, thesaurus, and glossary.  He learned more about facts versus opinions.  We got started in a new Science unit (more on that later) and really got involved in learning about rocks.  We were both especially excited because there is a geology belt loop, academic pin, and activity badge (those are all Cub Scout words, by the way) so while we were learning for school, we did a few extra assignments and he earned a lot of Cub Scout achievements as well.  That's always a great day for him!  In Social Studies, we're finally to learning about his most favorite stuff ever (his words)....early American history.  It just felt like so much information was discussed and learned.  So it made me very happy.

Zander is moving along with his reading.  We're still taking it pretty slow because that's just what works for him and I'm fine with that.  He learned more about shapes last week and had fun with his lessons.  He's been doing really well with math and that's exciting to me.  Adisson struggles with math and it's always been hard for both of us to accept that.  Zander seems to get it a little easier than Adisson does.  Math has always been difficult for me, too, so I'm hopeful that it naturally comes easier to Zander.  Adi and I will just keep figuring it out together.  :)

Jax is learning to repeat everything everyone says.  And it's a bit annoying.  :)  But he's still my ornery, loud, emotional three year old and everyday I get to be blessed to have him so I'll take it.  

So in Science, many times the phrase "millions of years ago" is mentioned.  And that's always a rough phrase for me to say.  I don't exactly know how we associate ourselves.  Is our school more Christian homeschooling or are we more of a secular homeschool?  I guess we're a little bit of both.  We believe in creation not evolution, but we don't have daily Bible lessons.  The timeline I suppose I relate to isn't from "millions of years ago" so I read that as "a very long time ago" when doing school with Adisson.  For his benefit and for that of his brothers, I probably should have a more definite stand on what we believe, but right now, this works.  And I still love our curriculum. :)

Tonight was our Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet.  If you don't know, it's the biggest party of the year for Scouts.  We celebrate the birthday of the founder of Boy Scouts, Baden-Powell.  I was on the Blue and Gold Committee for tonight's event.  And we have worked and worked and worked on it.  And it finally came and it's finally over.  And it was so much fun.  But I'm very tired and need to sleep.  Excited about our upcoming week...and I guess also excited because my birthday is Tuesday.  :)  I may not like getting older, but I've always been super excited about my birthday.  I think it's mostly because it means there will be cake.


  1. Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a great day with your family! :D



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