Sunday, February 3, 2013

Two speeds...busy and busier.

Finally!  A week of school!  It was nice!  Not much grumbling, reasonably cooperative all worked out.  :)

We're still in the middle of getting the house put together.  I feel like there's never enough hours in the day to get everything done.  I spent hours today making curtains for the living room and kitchen.  Only to come upstairs to see a master bedroom that still a huge mess and a school room that looks like a paper factory exploded in it.  The boys bathroom needs organized.  Adisson needs a bed.  It's like the list only ever gets longer.

But, last week, we got back to school.  So everything else kinda pales in comparison for me. :)  Adisson did pretty good getting started back up.  We started learning about early American history which is his FAVORITE thing to read about so that's been super fun.  He's getting better each day in math....VERY SLOWLY, but progress is progress.  I'll take it!  :)

He's been working on a few Cub Scout things during school also.  So much of what we're working on in Scouts and what we're doing in school goes hand in hand so it's easy to blend the two together.  Last week, we learned about internet safety for kids which doubled as something I already planned on discussing with him and also as a Scout achievement.  He earned his Cyber Chip during our monthly pack meeting, of the very first Scouts in our Pack to do so.  :)

Zander has been doing so well with his reading.  We're still taking it pretty slow and building on what he's learned each week.  I know he'd like to go a *little* faster but each time I try that with him, we end up having to stop, slow down, and review.  In learning from my mistakes, we're just going to continue taking it slow!  He enjoys working on an activity in a book or online and then following up with a printable worksheet.  Plus, he really likes to have something to show Dad when he gets home.

Jaxon and Zander are spending time with me each day discussing the calendar, the alphabet, the map, etc.  Some days it goes well, other days Jaxon covers his ears and yells.  He can be rather testy.  :)  But I just keep on trying with him...because honestly...what other option is there?

This week will be a good one.  Because on top of all our other excitement over the past several weeks, last Wednesday we adopted two kittens.  :)  Their (new) names are The Dowager Countess of Grantham (but we call her Tessa) and The Earl of Grantham (and we call him Earl).  They are super cute and fun and quite the handful.

Tessa is the calico kitty and Earl is her brother. :)

So, school, house, kids, looks to be another batch of chaos for us!


  1. Glad that you had such a good week! Love the kitties... :)


  2. Thank you! I <3 the little ones, too! Although, I feel like I blinked and they doubled in size!! :)


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