Monday, March 25, 2013

Here at home.

So it was a better week for us last week, but I'm still not feeling quite...right.  I'm not sure what the difference was from March's treatment to any that I've had in the past, but I feel like my treatment just wasn't received as well as it is typically.  Plus, my joint issues are flaring up tremendously, rendering the ibuprofen my new sidekick.  But, I'm good enough to keep on chugging.  :)

Adisson's working on a personal essay to submit to a local writing contest.  And that has been a struggle.  You see, I love to write.  I wish I had the time to write more because I could write and write and write.  I like the research, I like working up a rough draft, editing...I just enjoy writing.  And I feel like I'm pretty decent at it so that helps.  Adisson, on the other hand, is truly his father's son and grumbles at having to write his name on something.  Adam and I attend Leader Meetings together for Scouts and we each take notes on our meeting agenda.  By the end of the night, his has a few dates scribbled on it and mine is covered from top to bottom with arrows drawn here and there to keep things organized.  So, that's how my oldest is just like his Daddy.  Looks just like his Mama, acts just like the old man.  :)

Zander is steady working on his reading, but not just from his tiny little books.  He's been picking up words here and there and sounding things out all over the place.  I love it!  I like that he sees that reading isn't just on pages in books, but that it takes place all around you all the time.  He also AMAZES me with his grasp of math.  I don't like to compare the boys and I try really hard not to do so, but it's so foreign to me how Z just picks up math so easily and quickly, but Adisson struggles with it so incredibly.  Another way that my guys are each their own person.

Jaxon has learned to spell his name!  :)  His big brother Zander taught him to say "J-A-X-O-N" and he will walk around repeating it over and over.  It's precious!  He's also been doing really well at number recognition and counting.  I'd like to move to letters soon, but it will happen when it happens.  Apparently, so will potty training.

A friend of mine has a daughter in jr. high.  She was homeschooled until this year (7th grade) and there's a possibility that she will return home for 8th grade.  We've talked a lot about it and every time we do, I'm again reminded of my recent change of heart regarding homeschooling.  I'm an "accidental homeschooler" --when Adisson was born, I didn't just *know* I was going to homeschool him.  I never thought about it really.  But when it was time to start thinking about it, I became CERTAIN that my child was far too young to be on the bus for an hour and away from me all day long, five days each week.  I asked Adam what he thought about me homeschooling and to my great surprise, he was absolutely fine with it.  And here we are.

I'm asked often when we're going to put the boys in "real school" and certainly we don't plan on homeschooling in high school, right?  Until this year, Adisson's 4th grade year, my answer was always "Well, we know we're homeschooling this year, but we have no idea what next year will bring."  But that's not true anymore.  I no longer feel like we're just waiting until the right time to put the boys in public school as I don't think there will ever be a right time.  I never want them to go.  As long as homeschooling works for us, they'll be here.

So for my friend, that would mean that soon, she would be homeschooling a high schooler!  Thankfully, I have some time to read, to prepare, to get ready for high school, but it's coming!  It will be here before I know it and way before I'm ready.  Then, I'll be preparing to have a high school graduate....oh geez!  I'm not sure what Adisson's future plans are or what his current dreams may be because he changes his mind regularly, but we'll talk about homeschool friendly colleges, career options, or possibly (and I'm not sure if I could handle it) the military.

But for now, my boys are home.  We learn at home, we play at home, we fight, we love, we laugh, and spend our time together, here at home.  So together that as I type this, my three sons are all cuddled up in the same bed because they wanted to watch a movie with one another before they fell asleep.  A sweet mothering moment...that they will shatter tomorrow morning when they start fighting over cereal and who gets which barstool.  :)


  1. I always love reading your posts (and you do write very well!), lol. I have two boys, and we have some of the same moments. They are 5 years apart in age but they hang out, and fight, as if they were the same age. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Brothers are something else! I have two brothers that are VERY close in age, just 14 months apart, and they are either the BEST of friends or fighting like cats and dogs. Goodness. I just know that's how my three boys are going to be when they grow up. It's crazy to love someone so much that you'd defend them to the ends of the Earth, but bicker with them so much you'd think they were working on a fighting commission! :)


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