Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Homeschool Field Trip, woo hoo!

Today we took a field trip with a local homeschool group. We've done a few things with them before, but always along with several other groups so they've never actually met us. We met up with the one other family we know that homeschools...yay for not being the only newbies.

Anyway, we talked about density and made lava lamps! The boys LOVED it! Really, it's vegetable oil and water in a plastic bottle with some glitter and food coloring tossed in for fun. You can hold a flashlight up to it when you are done to see all the cool stuff in the bottle. My boys did really well and made awesome lava lamps!

Afterwards, we went outside for play time at the playground. And for mom socializing, of course (because you know, homeschool moms really need socialized!!). It was crazy cold outside but those boys ran around for awhile and ran out some much needed energy before heading to McDonald's. Yay for a really fun day and now for some photos!!

Jax LOVES the slides!  Went down them over and over and over!

The big boys had a ton of fun playing on the playground!

I promise, he also had a good time!

My monkeys at the bottom of the slide!

Zander showing his lava lamp.  He really liked it!

This is my baby.  Being just how he is every single day.  God bless me.  :)

What the lava lamps look like.  Jaxon's is blue and was left settled and
Adisson's  is the green one and I had just twirled it around to show all the fun glitter! :)

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