Sunday, March 31, 2013


We got a little busy last week.  :)  I thought we weren't going to be taking some time off for Spring Break, but since our homeschool friends did, we did to so we could spend some time with them.  However, we still did tons of school so maybe it wasn't as much of a break as I thought it would be.  And that's fine by me!

Anyway, last week we made Peeps dioramas based on books.  The rules were simply that all characters depicted had to be Peeps and it was to be a scene from a book.  We met up with friends to work on the dioramas together.  It was fun and silly and the boys had a good time.  Here are the (mostly) finished products:

Adisson's "Make Way for Ducklings" diorama.

Zander and Jaxon's "The Story About Ping" diorama.

Well, friends, I'm getting nervous.  I don't talk about it in front of the boys, but each day that passes, each week that comes to an end, finds me more worried about what's coming.  It's testing season.  We'll be putting our testing off until the VERY LAST MINUTE to get as ready as we can, but truth be told, Adisson's not ready.  He's struggled so much in math and while he's SLOWLY getting better (thanks to repetition, discussion, math games, worksheets, anything you can think of), he's still not as ready as I'd like him to be for our homeschool standardized test.  I hate to worry about it because I know that does nothing to get him ready, but I know what a low test score is going to do to his self-esteem.  :(

This week will be another pretty light week of school since Dad will be home for Monday and Tuesday and we don't school when Dad is home.  Adisson will be working on an Art project for submission to a local writer/artist scholarship contest.  I don't think he has any phenomenal artistic talent, but I want him to be involved and take advantage of the local offerings to homeschoolers.  And, of course, we'll be working hard on test prep.  I'm already dreading it.


  1. What a fun idea! Even though Easter has passed, I'm bookmarking this post so we can make dioramas with Peeps next year! :)

    Good luck with the testing. I hate it. :( Fortunately, my boys feel no pressure...I'm the only one that gets stressed about it here, lol.


  2. The local library was having a Peeps diorama contest so we decided to participate! The boys are kinda disappointed we don't get our diorama's back, though! I'm hoping to visit down there this week so we can see all the different ones that were made!! :)


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