Monday, March 4, 2013

The Colonial McGhee's

Yet another busy week has passed with another equally busy one approaching.  For the next three weekends, our lives will be consumed by Cub Scouts. least everyone enjoys Scouts.  For now.  :)

Last week, Adisson learned about colonial America.  We talked a lot about a fictional town called Everytown set in 1750.  We discussed the things we take for granted today (cars, electricity, phones, etc.) and how if we need something, we can get in the van, drive to the store, and buy it.  In Everytown, America that wasn't an option.  As a family, we discussed some of the things families living in and around Everytown would experience on a day to day basis.  One of the things we talked about was electricity or lack thereof.  To drive the point home, we made candles.  I definitely took the shortcut and made candles from beeswax sheets as opposed to hand-dipping them.  We've done that before and I'd like to do it again but we didn't have the stuff here at home.  Fortunately, we had some beeswax sheets (from a project I never got around to doing).  Each boy got to roll a long taper and a short candle.  It was pretty fun!  The only regret is not having more beeswax sheets.  I think this is something we'd like to do again, perhaps around Christmas to give away as gifts.  Here are photos of my guys working their candles.

Zander Spider-Man making a beeswax candle.
#1. Who doesn't homeschool in a Spider-Man costume and
#2.  Jax was in the middle of getting himself some milk...I promise that's not where we typically keep it.  :)

Jaxon's candle rolling.
He really enjoyed making candles! 

Adisson making his candle, that ended up looking like a stick of dynamite.  :)

We even ate our dinner by candlelight that night (and some lamps so we wouldn't spill everything) and the boys were pretty excited to see how well their homemade candles burned.  The joys of homeschool social studies.

We also spent some more time talking about the earth's natural resources.  Adisson really seems to get what I'm talking about with him because we also spend so much time in Cub Scouts discussing the earth and the world around us.  It makes things so much easier when he just gets it, you know? :)

Zander is learning about shapes right now.  We've been talking about flat shapes and shapes that have more dimension.  And of course, working everyday on reading.  Sometimes, he just wants to guess what the story is about based on pictures or guess the word based on previous words he's read in the pages before.  I have to remind him to slow down and pay attention to what he's working on.  

Jaxon.  ....... well, he sure is cute.

The boys have been taking piano lessons for about three weeks.  I can't quite decide how much they like them but I think we'll keep going for awhile.  Zander enjoys his lessons and practices when he's reminded.  Like anything I ask Adisson to do, first I have to listen to him grumble and then roll his eyes.  Seriously, if this is what I'm dealing with as a "tween," I'm not going to like teenage years too much!  :)

I keep thinking about adding in some additional extra-curricular activities, more specifically a Tues. and Thurs. afternoon karate class for homeschool kids.  I think the boys would really like it but I'm not sure if we can make it fit into our schedule.  Right now, we've got so much going on with Scouts and now we've added piano.  I just don't want to stretch us too thin.  However, this opportunity to take on a sport during the day without it disrupting our family time in the evening is pretty enticing.  I guess I'll just have to get pretty good at roadschooling so we can still get some stuff done while we're traveling from one thing to another.  :)  I guess that all depends on whether or not this program will continue to be available now that the military is facing an extraordinary amount of budget cuts.  Because we don't already sacrifice enough....

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