Monday, March 11, 2013

Tweenagers...aren't they fun?

(Oops!  I meant to post last night but apparently, I just saved my draft.  Anyway, here it is!)

Last week was a little hectic for us.  But I think I say that every week so really no difference.  :)

Adisson's moved on to the French and Indian War in Social Studies and we're discussing natural resources in Science.  Really, those are his favorite subjects and the rest of stuff seems to be tasks that he has to finish to get to those two subjects.  I like that he's interested in something, though.  The only other thing he's enjoyed as much as social studies lately is getting to play hangman.  I think it's because he's getting some practice so he can beat me when we play Hanging With Friends.  :)

In Cub Scouts, we're working on him earning his STEM/NOVA award.  It's a big science/math project that he decided to complete and it's long and time consuming.  We started working on it last week in our den and also here at home.  I want to be sure he's understanding what we talk about and learning things, not just checking achievements off a list to receive the award.

Zander is working on the same school stuff, reading & math.  He's fun and silly when it comes to his online lessons...laughing out loud at the computer.  He picks up on math quickly (exciting for me!) and still has a happy attitude when it comes to school.We struggle a little while rhyming, for some reason he doesn't quite understand that we're talking about ending sounds and not beginning sounds.  I found a cute workbook for us to do together and we'll pull out rhyming Bingo to see if that helps.

Jaxon is discussing his lack of desire to use the potty.  He says diapers forever.  :)

The big boys are still taking piano lessons.  I also found some fun music games for them to do here at home while they wait their turn to practice.  Adisson reluctantly practices, Zander jumps in the chair every time I ask.  I just have to say....tweenagers are moody.  :)  Here's a photo of Zander last week at his lesson:

I know, super quick post, but it's getting late here.  We hosted a Scout Leader meeting at our house today so I spent all morning getting ready and the evening cleaning up.  :)  Tomorrow, I'll be at the hospital all day for treatment so I suppose I'll get some rest.

See you next week!

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