Monday, March 18, 2013

Victory is an awesome feeling!

My treatment was last week and it wasn't as "refreshing" as it typically is so I spent most of the week feeling pretty blah.  I think a trip to my immunologist will be needed pretty soon to see if there are adjustments to be made.  Because I felt pretty crummy, I didn't feel like we had as great of a week as I wanted.  Not much I can do about it now, just work hard this week.

This week I want to include a super fun science experiment (which will totally work towards some Cub Scout goals Adisson has) and a really neat art lesson.  I feel like the incredible busy-ness of our lives tends to push the fun stuff aside and I want to be very purposeful in that regard this week.

I also want to work on my own writing and have considered a blogging course.  I like to blog and while I hold no desire to be a blogger that gains hundreds of thousands of followers (well....maybe some desire...imagine being that good at writing so that many people kept coming back!?), I know I want to be a better blogger.  Sometimes, I feel like my whole life is consumed by the four guys I live with that I'm left with VERY little time for anything other than dishes, laundry, cooking, etc.  I know the boys are still young and this is just the season of our life right's just so tiring. Better time management could lead to some better hobby management.  :)

Tomorrow night, I'm heading to a Mom's Night Out for homeschooling mamas.  I'm so very excited.  But I'm a little apprehensive.  Sometimes, I feel like because I don't necessarily look like other homeschoolers, then they aren't as accepting as I would like.  Because I'm a younger mom (because typically, moms of kids that are Adisson's age are a little older), I feel like I'm not taken seriously.  This is my 6th year homeschooling.  I'm no pro at it (CLEARLY), but this ain't my first rodeo, either!  I'm just hoping for some open minded homeschoolers tomorrow night.

Anyway, our weekend was spent with company and it was so great!  My in-laws came down to visit and it was exciting to show them our new house.  This weekend was also our Cub Scout Pinewood Derby for our pack.  Adisson has had his car design in his mind for a very long time and I think he was pretty happy with it.  Our Pack also invites siblings and parents to build a race a pinewood derby car.  Zander was SO EXCITED to get to make a car.  We decided to have one for Jax, too so he didn't feel left out.  On registration night, Adam decided to grab one of his old derby cars and race it, too, just for fun!

And let me tell you, the McGhee boys had an AMAZING time at the Pinewood Derby!

The cars.
Adisson's Light Speed Racer, Zander's Money Machine, and Jaxon's Black Coffee.  

Zander got Third Place!!!
The siblings were ranked as well and Z-Wally ended up with third!!!

Adisson wearing his First Place Medal!!
Each den had a top three and they were awarded medals!  He's so happy!
Adam received First Place for his race, too! :)
And here's my "baby" with his trophy, after he won FASTEST CAR IN THE PACK!

So, I know I shouldn't put so much emphasis on winning, I get that.  But my guys don't participate in a lot of activities where they can win.  And the last time Adisson raced, his car was the SLOWEST in the pack.  No joke.  He received a "Pace Car Trophy" for having the slowest car.  And since that time, he's always known how he would make his car when he raced again.  And three years later...he raced again.  And he nailed it.  And the look on his face, the sheer joy when his name was called, made me so happy for him. I was, and am, a proud mama!

Anyway, this week, Adisson's going to be working on a writing piece for a local writing contest.  I would love for his work to be chosen to be included in their anthology.  One time, in high school, I worked so hard on a writing piece and it was chosen for the school's anthology and it was about the best thing that happened to me in high school (ugh...let's not open that can of worms).  Plus, it will really give us a chance to go over writing rules so it's a dual purpose exercise.  

It's been a long, but fun weekend.  After yesterday's Derby and today being filled with an Easter egg hunt, coloring 3 dozen eggs, and spending the weekend with our super awesome company, I'm ready for bed.  

When I give you our weekly update next weekend, I want to be able to say that we worked hard and had an  awesome week of school.  That would make me a happy homeschooling mama.  :)  Here's hoping...


  1. Loved your photos! My oldest once got a pinewood derby trophy for "best fuel economy" or something. Basically something to give him because he was dead last, lol. The next year he got 2nd place! It all works out. :) Congrats to your young man!

    And I know what you mean about open minded homeschoolers and worrying about being accepted...I live in rural GA, have a dozen or so tattoos (several of which are always clearly visible) and at any given time I may or may not be sporting a hair color that's very reminiscent of My Little Pony, lol. I get lots of weird looks, but everyone eventually adjusted. :D

    I hope you enjoyed your Mom's Night Out! Looking forward to hearing about it...


  2. Thanks for the Derby accolades! It was such a fun day for us, and for him most of all.

    As far as other homeschoolers go, I guess because I already feel like I'm "bucking the norm" by being a homeschool family that other homeschool families would be just welcoming and I've not always found that to be the case. So when meeting new homeschoolers, I'm instantly nervous. A lip ring and tattoos do not help my case. :) Plus, I look 12 apparently, so when I tell people we're in year 6 of homeschooling, I know they want to ask if I started having kids in middle school. I was almost 21 when Adi was born, but I just let them think whatever. :)


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