Sunday, April 28, 2013

Camping is definitely not for cowards. :)

We went camping!!  Our first camping trip of the year was this weekend.  We had a big Cub Scouts Camporee.  It was awesome.  Of course, Adam and I helped organize it so maybe I shouldn't brag about how cool it was.  :)  Camping is a weird thing for me...because I don't particularly enjoy camping.  There's the lack of showers and all that dirt.  In our huge tent, Adam and Adisson sleep on one air mattress and I sleep with the little boys on another air mattress.  But I'm so concerned all night about whether or not the little boys slithered out from under the blankets, are they getting too cold, is the blanket too close to their face, etc. so I sleep VERY little.  But, I like activities that allow us time to interact with each other more or with our friends as is the case with Scout camping trips.  So, I'll gladly endure the discomfort if it means that we're all having a good time.

I'll get pictures posted this week.  I didn't take any because good reason...but our awesome Pack photog snatched some super pics so I'm going to download and save those.  Stay tuned.

Last week was a short school week.  I had treatment on Monday, so that was a day off.  We spent all of Friday getting ready for camping, so that was a day off.  And the three days in between were spent on Math.  I'm hoping that all of this concentrated effort will pay off for my kiddo.  He's been doing really well.  When we're focused almost exclusively on this one area he has trouble with, it's easy to see his progress.

Zander has been working on some different learning activities, specifically learning to tie his shoes.  He prefers slip ons and wears them nearly all the time so I guess I haven't seen the need before now to help him with that task.  But he's six, so he probably should know.  I found this super cute idea on pinterest about using a piece of cardboard as a practice board.  You trace their shoes onto the board and add laces.  It seemed easy enough so I grabbed up a cool pair of laces at the dollar store last week and made the board for him.  He loves it!  He practiced several times.  He nearly has it, just needs tighter knots.  But I'm excited that he enjoys it so much that he keeps picking it up to practice again and again.

Jaxon is ...... Jaxon.  I just love him.  He's cute and silly and so expressive.  He makes these goofy faces that make everyone laugh.  He does this silly thing with his eyebrows that's hilarious.  And he's carrying on a "thumbs up" tradition that Z started.  Zander gets a little overwhelmed in new places/scenarios/etc. so when he was tiny, he started giving me the thumbs up sign to let me know that even though he was nervous, he was ok.  And Jax does it.  And every time he does it, I see Zander, all cute, blonde, and three being so precious. Jax, however, is such a difficult child.  I have to remind myself of all the awesome things about him because he spends a lot of time each day being mean and making us miserable.  :(  I keep saying it's just a phase.  I hope and pray I'm right.

I didn't make it to the christian homeschool co-op open house last week before my treatment appointment.  And it kinda stinks that it happened that way because now I'm pretty much NOT going to be able to participate in the co-op.  They have limited openings available and new members are the last ones able to select classes.  Since I didn't register on open house day, I'll be left whatever classes happen to be unfilled.  And all of the pre-k classes are full and Zander's classes are filling up, with one hour completely booked. So if I go, Jax and I will spend three hours there just hanging out while Zander has a class, an hour break, and another class.  Adisson has classes available all three time periods, but not the ones he really wanted to take, those filled up in the first few days.  The co-op sounds great and like it would be a lot of fun, but they openly state that their primary goal is for high school homeschooling so it's not surprising that the focus isn't on pre-k and elementary classes.  I haven't decided if we're going to give it a try or find something else, but it kinda already feels like the decision has been made for us.

Anyway, I'm tired from a dirty weekend of camping so I should finally go to bed.  I think we're planning another camping trip at the beginning of June...if I've managed to rest up enough between now and then.  :)

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  1. Haha...I totally agree! Not for cowards! :D It took a little while for me to get comfortable when we went camping with our boys and their cub scout pack. I'm a hotel girl for sure. I love to get out and explore nature, and be outside. Except when it's time to sleep and clean up. That's when a comfy bed, a thermostat and a private shower are necessary. ;) I have gotten more and more comfortable with it though...summer months here in the south are harder for me, but I'm still trying.

    Thanks for sharing! :D


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