Monday, April 8, 2013

Picture overload!

Sooooo, wowza.  :)

Last week was busy.  But I say that EVERY SINGLE WEEK!! :)

On Monday, we took the boys to The Climbing Place in Fayetteville.  We had never been and I wanted to check it out.  I've been suggesting to the mister I'd like to have a date night there, so I thought taking the kids to see how fun it is first was a great plan.  I was right, it was fun!!

Here's some photos:

Adisson and Zander working on their bouldering skills.

Z climbing to the top of the kids wall.

Jax finally making it to the top.

Adisson then got the chance to get harnessed in
and here he is at the top of the wall!

Then, on Wednesday the boys had piano lessons (below is a shot of Adisson practicing since I posted one of Zander in the past) and we went to visit our favorite homeschool bookstore, The Pilgrim's Journey for a test prep book.  Of course, we bought a few other things.  We picked up some pretty neat looking chapter books for Adisson to read and some math stuff for the little boys.

Adisson playing piano.

Thursday we ran up to Raleigh to pick up my run packet for the 5k I was doing over the weekend.  And on Friday....Adisson broke his arm.  He was playing around with Zander, tried to catch himself when he was falling, and broke his arm just below his elbow.  Adam took him to the ER and they finally got home in the middle of Friday night.  I stayed up waiting for them which left me about four hours of sleep before a 5k run. :)  He'll wear his temp. cast for another week and then get his permanent cast put on for a few weeks. Kids.  :)  But this is our first broken bone.

My guy, sitting in the ER with his broken arm.  
Then, after a "nap," I got up on Saturday morning to run in my first color run.  I've done a few other 5k's but this was my first color run.  Oh, wow!  It was awesome!! :)

Just after the run!
With my #1 fan and the sign he made for me!! :)

After I got showered and rested, I took my little cutie out for frozen yogurt.  Zander was super amped up about getting to see me run and it turns out the boys weren't able to go because of Adisson's injury.  I felt so bad and to make up for it, I took him on a fro-yo date.

Usually, they are limited to 3 toppings on their yogurt,
 but on our date, Zander got to add as much as he wanted!

Ok, so now that I've soooo overshared with the photos, it's time for school talking.

A deadline extension was announced in the writing contest Adisson was participating in so that was nice.  However, I still haven't actually mailed the essay and it has to be postmarked by tomorrow.  Procrastination is my middle name, apparently.  He's never actually written an essay before so it was nice to have the opportunity to do so with the added bonus of a contest.  We had to work on setting up a paragraphs and essays correctly.  We also learned about outlines, rough drafts, editing, etc.  Thank goodness for online writing homework help!  Now, I'm putting a post-it note on the computer screen that will remind me in the morning that I must MAIL IN THE ESSAY!!

We've also been working on his multiplication facts because that's a neverending job and have also added in fraction lessons.  Swell.  It was a rough week.  At times it was really good because he was understanding things really well and then we stepped it up a notch and he got frustrated.  No quick fix for this situation.  :(  

Zander is still practicing reading.  Still working on math.  And still just being silly.  Speaking of silly, here's a picture of my other super silly kiddo, Jax, to try to keep things a little balanced on the amount of pictures I shared of each kid....
I don't know why...he's just goofy.  :)

Ok, so fun stuff, silly stuff, colorful stuff, broken stuff, and school stuff.  Now I'm hauling my stuff to bed!  (Stay tuned for info on Zander's bedroom makeover!)


  1. Oh man...hope your little guy's arm heals quickly. At least if he's anything like my boys, casts are really cool battle scars. ;)

    Loved the photos, thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Thank you! He's doing well and the novelty of it still hasn't worn'd be surprised at all of the things he claims he can't do with one hand. :)


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