Sunday, April 14, 2013

There's no way life is that simple.

Last week was a busy math week for us as we're gearing up for standardized testing.  Adisson and I have been busy reviewing multiplication facts, fractions, money, and other exciting math.  :) Sometimes, it goes really well and I think he'll do fine and other times he's off in outer space and can't hear a thing I'm telling him.  We'll still work on it this week, as well, and until I think he understands enough to test well.  I hate standardized testing and right about now, I'm wishing we lived in state where it wasn't required.

He's also been brushing up in a few other areas.  Fortunately, his reading comprehension, language arts, and vocabulary context understanding is a lot easier for him than math.  This week, I'd like to review a little more in those areas each day before we dive head first into math.  Maybe talking about something that he's good at when we start reviewing will help with his confidence when we start math.

The little boys are still doing the same thing they always do.  Zander is practicing reading and Jaxon is avoiding learning at all costs.  It's a daily struggle for me trying to get all three boys to do what has been planned...or even half of what I've planned.  For instance, if just once Jaxon would allow me to finish singing the ABC's before he clapped his hands over his ears and told me that he hated that song, I'd be a happy mommy!

In super awesome news, Adisson's essay for the writing contest will be published in the publisher's anthology.  We got a letter on Friday telling us that all submitted works will be used in the book.  There's a reception in May that we're invited to attend where entrants will be recognized and the winners of the scholarship will be announced.  Adisson is mostly excited because his best friend submitted a piece as well so they both will be at the reception.  I'm excited because I know how much Adisson has wanted to be a published author even if his response when I told him was, ""

This coming week will be another week of review for us.  I'm trying hard to make it fun.  We play pizza games for fractions and we found a site where Adisson and his pal can get online and play math games together.  I just wish my smart kiddo didn't struggle so much with math.  As a mom, you hate to see your kid struggle with something, especially when you know they want to understand.  But I can't make everything easy for him....there's no way life is that simple.  :)

Anyway, time for bed for this old gal. I'm super tired already and have a very early wake up call.  Adisson has an appointment at the clinic to get his permanent cast.  He's picked out the color he wants already...a picture later will tell you what he decided.  Stay tuned!

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