Sunday, May 12, 2013

An ounce of preparation...

The cast is finally off!  After five weeks of a long arm cast, Adisson is free once again! :)  We're both pretty happy about it.  Now we just have to deal with his very flaky dry skin leftover.  Ewww.  Another great part is that he can finally do his own writing again.  Since he's been casted, I've had to do much of his handwriting for more!

You can tell the school year is trying to wrap up around here.  The weather is nice outside and we've got a ton of outdoor chores to do that we seem to have less and less time for school work.  Even this homeschool mama is getting less interested in school.  Really, we all just want to be done with this year.  We follow a traditional school schedule, but that doesn't mean we don't do ANY learning in the summer.  We still work on reading (lots of reading), writing, and some math practice.  But it's definitely more relaxed.

This week was once again another test prep week for us.  You'd think he was trying to get into med. school with as much preparations we are doing for this test.  I'm really just trying to build up his math confidence.  It's getting better, but I'm not expecting great math scores on his EOG, whenever we decide to get that done.  Adam and I were supposed to be taking off for our anniversary trip this weekend, but my childcare plans fell through and now we can't go.  To say we're disappointed is probably the understatement of the century.  But that means I can schedule Adisson's EOG testing at a different time since my Mom won't be coming to visit.

This upcoming week will be more of the same for Adisson, only this time, he can write!  To get him back in the habit, he's going to practice with some handwriting worksheets.  I want to work on his muscle memory in his hand so he can get back to the rushed, sloppy writing I'm always nagging him about.  Zander is going to work on rhyming practice, reading, and ABC order.  Jaxon is going to work on not hitting people out of anger....we'll see how that goes.

Due to the change in plans around here, there's a possibility that I can now attend the NCHE homeschool conference.  That would be pretty awesome.  A few weeks ago, I was definitely going.  Then, after I thought about it and made some plans with my mom, I decided I didn't want to miss out on spending that time with her (by being away at the conference while she was here with the kids) so I decided not to go.  Now she's not coming and Adam will still be off that weekend (a few extra days, too since it's Memorial Day) so I can go again.  I'm still not changing curriculums, but I love to look around at different manipulatives and Science goodies.  Plus, listening to seminars is about my most homeschool favorite activity.  Seriously.  I always leave feeling like I could homeschool the world.  :)

In addition to planning out my conference visit, I'm also planning my summer planning. :)  This summer, I want to spend as much time as possible planning out our upcoming year.  With a great online curriculum, a lot of stuff is already planned out.  To prepare for the year, I want to go through the lessons and make a list of what social studies projects we're going to do and what science experiments we're going to try.  Then, I can make a list of necessary supplies so I'm ready.  Plus, if I'm prepared as the teacher, it sets my guys up to be more successful as students.

It's been another hectic school year for us and truthfully, I'm ready to wrap it up.  With the move into this house, we've been changing a few other things around here.  Chores, cleaning schedule, daily schedule, outside activities (meaning outdoors and also away from the house) and I feel like we're approaching  a groove.  I think this upcoming school year is setting up to be a good one for us.  No moving, no new family members (though I keep badgering Adam to change his mind on being military foster parents!), and while Dad will be deployed at some point during this upcoming year, once again it will be for a time frame we can handle.  My boys deserve a little stability.  I guess I'm ready for it, too.  :)


  1. Reading through your blog, I would agree, very much so, with your statement that your year has been hectic! Lol. I can completely understand wanting to wrap up the year already. ;) I hope that you can attend the conference, and you enjoy it!


  2. Katie,

    I do get to go to the conference and I'm so excited!! :) And I'm definitely ready for the break!! We need to get this school year wrapped up!!


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