Friday, May 24, 2013

Balance is the Key

We are talking about maintaining our balance while doing everything. 

We have to learn to set our priorities.
To set our priorities, we need to develop a practical schedule. Start planning your schedule backwards. If you need to be in bed by 10:00, what time do your kids need to be in bed, what time do you need to make dinner, what time do you need to stop homeschooling to get dinner ready? 

We need to make time for important relationships. We need to cultivate those relationships with our children. One way to set our priorities is to be sure we carefully and prayerfully consider our outside commitments. When asked to do something, offer a quick no and a slow yes. Answer a quick no to too many outside activities while you take the time to think about it to decide what activities you truly can say yes to. 

Another way to keep the balance is to have systems in place to address problems you have. If you are stressed about meals, utilize a meal management plan. If you are perpetually late, have a system in place to get your stuff (clothes, shoes, etc) ready to go the day before, the night before.  

Ensure you manage to find some quiet time. You need to have a place of peace to pull from. 

Avoid procrastination to help maintain balance. There are 3 reasons we procrastinate. 
1. We procrastinate because we don't want to do the task--it is not a priority to us. 
2.  We procrastinate because the task is too overwhelming and we don't know where to start. 
3. We are perfectionists. We have a standard to reach and we know we are never going to reach it. 

Be at peace. To achieve and maintain balance, do so while maintaining peace in your house. 

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