Friday, May 24, 2013

If you compare, you will despair.

Listening to a speaker talk about what other homeschoolers won't talk about. Not all homeschoolers dress the same way, make their own bread, have organized homes, have perfect, smart children, or do amazing projects.  We are all "in process" and that's ok. 

Sometimes, I think that in comparison to other homeschool families, I'm not doing the best job that I can. I hate to be discontent with our homeschool. Because in reality, I'm doing an ok job. I often need to be reminded of that. 

The point is that I need to allow myself to realize that I'm doing a good job and to also listen to my boys to hear what they are telling me. If I listen, I'll know how they learn best. If I listen to them, I'll know that they are learning. 

I also need to realize that learning takes place in a variety of places, ways, environments. We don't have to do what everyone else is doing, we have to do what is best for us. We don't have to learn how other homeschoolers learn, we have to learn how Adisson learns, how Zander learns, and how Jaxon learns. 

I'm doing ok. You are doing ok, homeschool mom. We both are good. :)

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