Sunday, May 19, 2013

Let's get this done with already.

Ohhh, summer is in the air here.  :)  I feel like we can't get into the mood for school at all anymore.  We're pretty much just over all of it right now.  When we take time off for breaks or summer, I sometimes get the feeling like we're not maximizing on the learning potential.  I know that we're always learning and taking advantage of learning opportunities so lately I've made myself pay attention to the times we're learning when we aren't in the school room.  Like when we stopped to listen to the frogs, or when we found a lizard on the porch, or when we water the tomato and lettuce plants...learning everywhere.

Right now, we've been doing so much learning with Cub Scouts.  Our Pack has started a monthly hiking club and it's been awesome!  It definitely gives us the chance to be purposeful with our time in new nature places. It's always nice to visit new hiking trails and nature centers.  You see new animals, learn new information, and realize how much exercise hiking really is.  :)

I'm definitely going to the NCHE Conference this weekend and I'm super excited about it.  I have the super exciting pleasure of going with my awesome homeschool friend and we're soooo looking forward to some homeschool mom time and some just plain ol' mom time.  I've gotten most of my seminars picked out so far and have narrowed down the vendors I'm anxious to visit.  The next step is booking a hotel room, but I'm pretty sure that my gal pal is taking care of that.  Usually, I'm about as controlling as possible, but I'm relishing someone else making plans right about now.

Since we aren't switching curriculums, but adding to our homeschool, there isn't much that I'm looking for in the vendor hall.  I'm always interested in new homeschool resources and/or teacher resources.  Plus, I LOVE getting to stop by the Rainbow Resource booth.  They always have neat things to add into our school day.  Last year, I only got to go for the day but I enjoyed the time listening to other homeschool mom's and picked up a few goodies to bring home for the boys.

Last week, at our Cub Scout District meeting, we learned that the folks who have been putting on our District Day Camp for the last several years will not be doing it this year...just three weeks before the Camp is to take place.  Fortunately, someone stepped up to organize it but desperately needed volunteers.  OF COURSE, I said WE CAN HELP!!  We had a meeting tonight (that lasted several hours) to hash out a majority of the plans.  We basically covered the overview for the week, but we had the chance to briefly discuss some of my craft/activity ideas.  I'm hoping to help the brand new Tigers earn some achievements by playing some sports, making a few crafts, having a weather lesson, and learning about Cub Scouts.  It's going to be awesome!  A ton of planning is in my future.  :)

I suppose it's time to get to bed.  I've got a big, busy week ahead of me.  Stay tuned.... :)

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