Friday, May 24, 2013

Taking the Mystery Out of Achievement Testing

We've been very apprehensive about having to administer an achievement test this year. Adisson has been struggling with math and I just don't want to have him take a test and get discouraged. Today, though, I learned that the test is just a tool and not a judge of our homeschool. If he doesn't end up scoring within the top 10%, that doesn't mean he isn't smart or that I'm not a good teacher. I guess I just need to be reminded of that. 

They discussed the many different types of tests available and the pros and cons of each. It did feel like they pushed the Woodcock-Johnson test most. That test won't work for us because it is expensive  and needs to be administered by a professional. I had planned on administering the California Achievement Test (CAT) but have since decided to use the Terra-Nova test. It's the new, updated version of the CAT and I feel it is better suited to our current needs. 

It was a good workshop and I'm glad I chose it. But I'm still not looking forward to achievement testing. :)

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