Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's Time for Day Camp!

Tomorrow starts our week of Day Camp.  In some ways, it feels like we've known about the camp situation for more than three weeks.  In other ways, it feels like we found out about it yesterday.  Either way, tomorrow begins a very busy week.  Our van will leave the driveway at 6:30 AM.  That's soooo early for us late sleepers.  We'll be home around 5:00, so almost twelve hours out of the house.  I suppose I can handle the long day, but that's not my biggest concern.  My biggest concern is Jaxon.  I LOVE my three year old very much.  But he's a bit difficult, when he's in a good mood.  Lack of sleep, however, is not going to send him to Good Mood World.  I'm really stressed about his behavior, even more than the lack of planning time we've had to put this together.  Sigh....

So, we're a week into our summer vacation.  Woot!  :)  Last week, I think it rained every single day.  Week one of summer was spent inside refereeing fights.  Awesome, right?!  The boys didn't have to do too much school work last week.  In between some Minecraft and Lego Star Wars on the computer, Adisson squeezed in a few hig pig games and he also got to play hangman.  Zander practiced some math with these super neat Wrap Up's.  They are shaped like a key and you wrap a string around them to practice your math facts.  It's hard to explain but I saw them at the conference and thought they looked interesting.  I was just going to buy the multiplication ones, but I decided to go with the whole set and I'm so glad I did.  Zander really likes to "play" with them and he does so well...I just love it!

On Saturday night, we had our Cub Scout Advancement Ceremony.  The boys are advanced to their next level so they can start working on their new rank.  Adisson's in a Webelos den which is a two year program so he pretty much just advanced on to the second year (but it's his last as a Cub Scout so still important!) but Zander became an official Cub Scout.  And it was just precious.  I snapped a few pictures but I'm not so good at the photography.  Adam's going to clean them up and I'll get them posted.  (Oh, he also got a few shots of them fishing last week that were just AMAZINGLY cute and I can't wait to show everyone!)

Now that Zander is a Cub Scout, he can attend this awesome Day Camp I've been helping plan.  I'll be his Den Leader this week and we're really excited because I've got some cool stuff in store for the boys.  We'll be making a bird feeder, leaf prints, having a mini plant lesson when we build our own terrariums, and best of all...learning to shoot BB guns and bows and arrows.  :)  Adisson will be there, too, busy in his own den, doing his own thing. 

I guess that means I've got to get to bed, get some rest and hope I can convince Jaxon to not get us escorted off of the property due to obnoxious behavior.  .....if only I were kidding.  :)

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  1. I hope you're enjoying your week at camp! I'm a director for a small cub scout day camp, but ours doesn't start until the 24th. :)

    Looking forward to hearing about all of the fun!



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