Sunday, June 2, 2013

School's Out!

WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!  School's out for summer! School's out forever! :)  Not really, I was just caught up in the lyrics.

So, it feels weird to be so excited about school being done for the year.  Because it's not done.  It's never done.  We are constantly learning and we're always doing educational things so to say "We're done with school now!" isn't really accurate.  But the end of the school year means to me that now we can have fun with learning without the pressure of learning.  During the school year, we follow a schedule, we have boxes to check, lists to cross off, things to do.  During the summer, however, we get to do all kinds of really neat stuff that we don't always have time to do.  And it's so exciting!  I suppose you can add that to the pros and cons of homeschooling!

Last week, my boys worked on and finished their annual achievement tests.  They were long (not too long but made longer by grumbling) and they were sometimes a little difficult.  And it was sometimes hard for them to understand why I couldn't help them when they needed help.  But they are done!  Tomorrow, I'll be mailing them in for "grading."  I'm so happy that part is over.  Sooooo happy!!  I think they both did pretty well and I'm happy with their performance already, regardless of the scores they get back.

This week, we're doing some fun stuff!  The most exciting thing we'll finally be working on is dissecting owl pellets.  Adisson has wanted to do that for several years and for whatever, it always gets pushed to the side. I've promised him that we will finally get to work on those owl pellets!  I picked up three of them at the NCHE Conference and we are ready (well, as ready as you can be) to pick apart owl vomit.  What a way to learn about food chains!

We'll also finally be getting our summer fun list organized.  We got some great ideas jotted down, but we're making a small poster of the plans we have made so we can cross them off when we do them.  Plus, this year we're making a summer memory board.  I saw it at the conference and I'm anxious to get ours started.  Essentially, you save ticket stubs, trinkets, postcards, etc. from the places you visit or the things you do and they all get tacked onto the memory board.  I think it will be neat to see how our board fills up this summer!

Learning, however, is not stopping.  Adisson will spend some of his summer reading, reviewing math facts, learning through geography games, and working on Scout achievements.  Zander will continue his reading practice and FINALLY be able to start working on his own Cub Scout achievements as he became a Cub Scout on June 1!  He's SO excited!  Jaxon, God-willing, will spend his summer becoming acquainted with the toilet.  :)   This Mama wants to ditch the diapers!

Right now, I'm so over-the-top busy helping to plan next week's Cub Scout Day Camp.  We had another meeting this evening and I came home not feeling so great.  I quickly realized that probably had something to with the fact I hadn't eaten in 9 hours (I hate being so busy I literally forget to eat).  I had some food but I'm still tired so it's off to bed for this lady.  I have a lot I want to get done this week, and no, I'm not forgetting that I promised the boys we'd play with puke.  :)

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