Monday, July 1, 2013

Just keep swimming.

Sometimes, things just stink.  This weekend was supposed to be a fun, exciting (and bittersweet) time with our friends before they left the country.  We picked them up from airport and came home to a flooded first floor.  I feel like my tears only added to the standing water.  :)

Our year old washer had kept on filling, causing a large amount of water to spill out and into the laundry room and then flow to all corners of my hardwood and soaking half of the carpet pad underneath the carpet in my living room.  On Thursday, the disaster crew showed up with 7 industrial fans and 4 dehumidifiers to dry us out.  Loud is an understatement.

This week, the hardwood floor will all be ripped out.  Expensive, brand-new hardwood flooring will be pried up and trashed.  But, in life, you take the bad with the good.  And this is just one of those not as good times. So we'll roll with it.  And the kids will get their fill of McDonald's as I deal with a barely working kitchen.  We take learning about science to a whole new level around here.  :)

In school news, we got a desk for the boys to use.  Friends of ours are moving to Alaska and had a desk they were parting with...and thought of us.  It's a cute little kid desk with enough space for two little kid chairs.  I was originally hoping for three individual desks for the kids, but I was concerned about it taking up too much of the free space in the school room.  That's where all the lego magic happens here and I want to be sure I leave open plenty of floor space.

July is quickly approaching.  I can feel the sense of back to school sales creeping up on me already, which is not entirely bad.  I love school supply shopping more than I love any other shopping ever.  It gives me the warm tinglies to buy new crayons and glue bottles.  Something else starts happening around July.  I start to get the itch to plan out every detail of our upcoming school year.  Fortunately, I've got it pretty easy.

We have been using Time4Learning as our homeschool curriculum and will continue to do so.  I really love it.  It makes my life so much easier.  In years past, I've tried a box curriculum, unit studies, lapbooks, putting my own together, etc.  When we moved to North Carolina, I needed something different for us and desperately so.  I don't know how or why I hadn't heard of Time4Learning before then, but it was such a lifesaver.  And we've never looked back.  Yes, it's a computer based curriculum, but don't think that I just send the kids to a screen and tell them to find me when they are done (though, if that's your season of life, I GET IT!).  I sit with them, we go over lessons together, we learn new things together and they can review independently (well, not so much independent learning with Zander yet, but some).  We do social studies projects and science experiments.  We use SpellingCity for spelling and English vocabulary.  We really get out what we're putting into it and we're all happy with it.

As far as preparing for our upcoming year goes, I'll take a few weeks to skim through Adisson's lessons and make a list of different projects and experiments he'll be doing to see what we'll be working on and what supplies we'll need.  There's also a suggested reading list so I'll look up the books to see how much they are and decide if we're buying them or borrowing them.  I'll get started on their school binders and print off any necessary worksheets for the first 9 weeks or so.

The next few weeks will be a stressful, chaotic time for us.  Demolition, construction, insurance issues...not how I planned to spend our summer.  But we'll "just keep swimming" :) and in my down time, I'll be busy getting us ready for school.  There truly is never a dull moment for us.

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