Sunday, July 14, 2013

School planning time!!

Let me tell you, I'm on a homeschooling roll!  I've been working so hard for the last week making lesson plans for the first quarter of school and I'm doing pretty well, if I do say so myself!  :)  Last week, the husband was away for work, our company had all gone, and even though I should have been lining up contractors for repair work, I needed a did my kiddos.  We took the week to get caught up on planning and video games (me the planning, them the video games).  And I've definitely made some serious headway.

I'll get started with Adisson.  Like I said, we're still using Time4Learning this year.  I pick a subject (I started with Science), use the handy activity scheduler to determine how many lessons we need to do each day/week and then skim through each lesson before I schedule it.  Fortunately, Time4Learning has made list of supplies needed for each Science activity so I printed that out to include in my binder.  I make a list of any other supplies needed, schedule the lesson in my planning book, and continue on.  I did all of that for Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts.  I need to start working on Math...ugh.

Zander's lesson planning goes pretty much the same way.  T4L occasionally has a worksheet paired with a lesson.  This is our first time using their first grade so I didn't realize how many corresponding worksheets are available and I love it.  Zander really enjoys worksheets and I like that we'll be doing the lesson on the computer and then reinforcing it with the worksheet.  I've already planned most of his Math and Language Arts lessons, so now I'd like to go through and print off what we'll need and add those to his binder.  I am really excited about his first grade science curriculum, too.  He's not as into Science as Adisson,but I'm hoping Science4Us will help change his mind.

Spelling for the boys is taken care of with SpellingCity.  I LOVE SpellingCity!  You can make your own spelling lists (but a lovely soul has already imported T4L's spelling lists over there so I just had to find them) and choose games and activities to help your child learn the list.  Then, my kiddos can take an online spelling test at the end of the week.  The fun doesn't stop there, though.  They also have a vocabulary side to the site.  Just like SpellingCity, you can import a vocabulary word list, assign activities and administer a vocabulary quiz.

Jaxon hasn't been left out of my planning efforts.  Here are the things I've been working on for him:

Theme Kits from Mailbox Magazine
It's a big file filled with pages of themed activities and games.  Each page has already been laminated so I just need to cut the pieces apart and bag and label them.  I purchased 15 kits and each kit has nearly a dozen activities so it's a time consuming process.  I think I've managed to get 6 of them finished.  It will likely take me the rest of the summer to get the remaining ones completed.

File Folder Games
I used to print out free file folder games, color them, glue them down and laminate them, but no longer.  A few years ago, I fould Carson-Dellosa's File Folder Games books and have loved them!  I had already made Pre-K games, but I'm working on K and 1st.  These aren't only for Jaxon as Zander loves them, too.  All I have to do is tear the full-color pages out, glue them down, and laminate.  On an additional note, I don't make actual "file folder" games.  I glue the pages onto individual pieces of cardstock and comb bind several games together to make a book.

Activity Bags
I had made several for Jax already but he's steady growing and has outgrown them.  I have a pretty long list of the ones I'd like to get done before school starts, but as you can see, my list is pretty busy already!  I will have to be hard at work for the next several weeks.  I find most of my inspiration from Pinterest, of course.

So that's what I've been working on for the last week.  Fortunately, Adam's back home to crack the whip on getting repairs done around the house.  I plan on starting school the last week in August so I'm hoping all the work is done by then.  And by work, I mean repairs on the house and school planning.  :)  We'll see...

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  1. Wow! You go! ;) Great plans...sounds like your first quarter is going to be awesome! :)

    And good luck with the home repairs. :D



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