Sunday, August 18, 2013


So the school room is painted!  It's all done and furniture has been moved around and reorganized!  It's not done (not exactly sure what I'm waiting on) but I'm working hard to get it finished by next week.  Sadly, I think I'll be postponing our start date until after Labor Day.  I had wanted to start early since we'll be taking some time off for vacations, but I think the repairs on the house may be starting when I'm trying to start school.  The first day of school is not going to go like I plan if we have a crew working downstairs.  We'll see how things go.  Right now, I'm just busy planning, organizing, and getting stuff ready...but I feel like I've been doing that for months now.

I've also been pondering changes to our homeschool.  And isn't the week before you intend on starting school the time to make changes?  Of course it is!  A big change for me is that I'm contemplating a switch from a paper planner to an electronic homeschool planner.  Someone mentioned planning via Google Calendar and I started thinking that it might not be a bad idea.  I use Google a lot for work and for Scouts, why not utilize it for school?  I've been poking around, checking it out this weekend.  Basically, it involves me inputting our schedule into Google Calendar and sharing that calendar with Adisson (as he's the only one working independently) via email.  He'll log into Google in the morning, see what he's scheduled to work on for the day and get started.  Plus, this gives him access to the Google Drive.  That means when he's prompted to write an assignment, he can do so directly into a Google Doc and I can then check it from my computer.  It's sounds chaotic, but I think it's going to be awesome!

Another change for us is reducing our school "stuff."  It's funny for me to say that because I've bought some new "stuff" over the last few weeks.  I've realized that a room crammed full of bookcases, boxes, tubs, etc. isn't a peaceful room to work in.  In the last few weeks, I've eliminated two bookcases which means all that stuff had to go elsewhere.  I've donated unused or unneeded homeschool materials and books.  I've changed around the layout of the room in order to have more open space.  I just feel like we need supplies, but we need to be free of clutter.  I think there's a few more things on the chopping block this week, as well.

As far as actual schooling goes, I've been working on that, too.  One of the things I've been thinking about having Adisson do is start his own blog.  He struggles with writing and it becomes a battle between us.  I want him to write about a specific topic, he doesn't want to.  I want him to work on his writing skills is because I think good writing is important and because he has terrible penmanship.  I think I've got a solution.  Allowing him to have his own blog and write about what he wants, will mean that he's writing instead of grumbling about writing.  For handwriting practice, he'll be writing his spelling words and also, for the first time ever, having copywork assignments.  He's not going to enjoy that .... at all....but that's the breaks.  I also plan on seeking additional help via an online writing tutorial after the first of the year.

I also want to be more purposeful in our art education with the addition of an art curriculum as well as doing a lot more science.  I don't like science.  I don't understand it so I don't like it.  And that's crummy.  The boys LOVE science.  Honestly, art and science are the favorite subjects around here.  So, Adisson will be working on his electrical energy lessons with Zander tagging along and Zander will be working on his brand new science curriculum (Science4Us) while Adisson joins him.

One more thing.  A few weeks ago, I mentioned something I really wanted to have from the office store but I didn't buy it.  Well, I kept thinking about it and as dorky as it sounds, I decided I had to have it.  The boys get stuff for their new school year, I wanted something fun, too.  So I bought it.

My cupcake tape dispenser!
More to come this week!  I have a lot I'm wanting to get on here but as you know, I'm unbelievably busy!

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  1. My boys are 9 and 14, and they *still* fight with me about handwriting. :( I hope they grow out of that before the eldest finally graduates, lol.

    Good luck with all that you have going on! Oh...I LOOOVE the cupcake tape dispenser! ;)



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