Sunday, August 4, 2013

Chocolate Cupcake Tape Dispensers

Do you ever think, "Ok, what next?"  :)  Last weekend, I had a little extra time and decided that I'd do some work outside.  We have two areas in our front and side yard where our builders left some trees.  They added pine straw around them (what the south uses instead of mulch) which looked nice for awhile.  Then, the weeds came.  For the past few months, I've been paying the boys to weed the tree beds for me.  Last weekend, though, I decided I'd do it since it was hot and super sticky outside. 

Fast forward to this weekend, I'm covered in poison oak.  COVERED.  I spent Monday feeling something coming on.  By Tuesday morning, I was scratching all over.  By Tuesday night, I was in the emergency room and Wednesday, I spent the day in bed.  Pretty much the same with Thursday.  For a little while there, the swelling in my face was very intense.  The swelling has gone down, but the very uncomfortable rash has remained.  On my face, neck, arms, legs, behind my knees, in my ears, on my fingers, my eyelids.  It's so uncomfortable.  :(

On Friday afternoon, my best friend of 16 years told me that she was heading to South Carolina on a spontaneous anniversary trip with her wonderful husband and could they stop by?  Despite the fact that my house is still a complete mess (as nothing has been done with regards to repair work) and regardless of the fact that I'm a poster child for an anti-yardwork campaign, of course I want them to visit.  I haven't lived in the same state as Tiffany for over 8 years.  We typically see each other once a year and never for long enough.  My answer to "Can we come over?" will forever be a very loud YES!

So that was my week. 

However, I did manage to squeeze in a little school planning.  :)  A side effect of the medication I'm on is trouble sleeping.  I figured, if I can't sleep (and after I've checked out Pinterest for a few hours), I could use that time to plan for some learning.  I spent some time last week setting up the boy's spelling lists by grade.  Adisson's Time4Learning 5th grade spelling lists were already imported by someone else so I just needed to find them.  I found some great lists for Zander to use, as well.  Being a premium member means I can work on setting up individual profiles for each boy and assigning them different tasks for their list.  Zander can't do the same learning games as Adisson and Adisson likes the more difficult games, anyway.  I checked out each of the games and activities to see which ones to assign.  I also scheduled their assignments for the first quarter of school.  Cross that off my list!

I also got a start on organizing Zander's printable worksheets.  In first grade, he has several corresponding worksheets for his Time4Learning lessons.  He really enjoys worksheets and I really like the reinforcement so it's a win-win at the McGhee's.  I'm still at the beginning of that task (are we really going to be ready to start school later this month?!) so hopefully I'll find time this week to get more of the worksheets printed out and put into his school binder. 

My next large task is going to be acquiring the supplies necessary for Adisson's science lessons.  He's very excited because for the first part of the year, he'll be learning about electrical energy.  I'm not quite as excited, because truthfully, I'm not very knowledgeable in that area.  The good news is that his dad does know what he's talking about so he'll be able to help me out.  Plus, any time dad is the teacher, the boys have a good time.  There's not a lot on the supply list but a few of the items I need to pick up specifically for science (as opposed to items I already have on hand around the house) so I want to be sure I start looking for everything now. 

In other exciting news, my accumulation of school supplies is going along rather well.  I've been able to pick up most of what I had on my shopping list for the new year.  I bought a new pencil sharpener as ours stopped working, but the new one is also broken so it will be exchanged.  I'd also like a tape dispenser for my desk.  I know that sounds silly but I don't currently have one and I have decided I want one.  I should have picked up the really cute cupcake one I saw in the store today.  Then, I'd get to spend my school days thinking about awesome, yummy, chocolate-y cupcakes.  Hmmmmm.  :)

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  1. Yikes! Hope you start to feel better and less itchy soon! The cupcake dispenser sounds cute! I ended up with one that looks like a shoe. :)



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