Sunday, August 25, 2013

Oh, wait....

Well, we were supposed to start school today.  Usually, I never plan on starting before Labor Day and it looks like that's how things will work out this year anyway.  Last week was busy and chaotic with 2 different flooring choices going in downstairs.  New carpet in the living room and new vinyl flooring in the laundry room.  It made for a busy week with a lot of people in and out of the house.  I know when it's cabinet time and then slate time, this place will be a zoo.

And I think maybe I needed the break from getting ready.  Honestly, I think I spent most of this summer planning our school year or thinking about planning our school year but when I look at my planner, there still seems to be holes.  When I look around the school room, it's still not ready to go.  That happens with me...I have a lot of great ideas but if I can't make it happen in less than an hour, my excitement fizzles.

One thing I've been thinking a lot about is Adisson's new blog.  I finally told him about it the other day and we discussed what I expected.  I told him he could write about anything he wanted (and he chose Minecraft, of course) but that we will have to work together to make sure that all of his writing is grammatically correct.  We discussed how important it is that what he puts out there for other people to read needs to be his best writing.  We will get started next week with a writing standards overview so he knows what I expect from him.  I'm pretty sure he wants to get started as soon as possible because he really likes the idea, which would be the only thing he likes about starting 5th grade.

For Zander, this will be his first year using SpellingCity.  I want him to work on spelling skills and learn new words, but I also want him to have fun.  Over at SpellingCity, there are a lot of free puzzle games.  Zander loves games, especially computer games.  A win-win for us is for him to be working on a school assignment and having fun at the same time.  Plus, he likes to do stuff just like his big brother.  :)

Ok, so my final idea from last week is to make my own animal lessons.  Maybe I should be more specific.  We live in the woods.  Rather, our very small subdivision was built in the woods and everyone got a nice wooded section on their lot.  Our lot backs up to a big expanse of trees.  All these trees mean a lot of creepy crawlies.  We have a family of frogs that live on our porch each night.  There's several lizards that live down by the driveway.  We've seen some really pretty moths flying around the house and lately several big butterflies.  We've found a snake skin so we're pretty sure the rest of him is slithering around somewhere.  We take pictures of every new creature we see and look up the name, interesting facts, etc.  This year, we'd like to make a book of animals found around our house.

Well, that's about all I managed to get done last week.  This week, no excuses...lesson planning finished, school room finally done.  I'm not entirely sure what I'm waiting on....ugh, I hate being a procrastination queen.

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  1. I used to be the same way. I would get these ideas and if I couldn't make them happen soon, I get bored or frustrated and just forget about them. Now, I have learned that I just need to be more patient. If I come up with a field trip I wanna take or a Unit Study I want to do, then I just write down the info and file it away in my homeschool folders for future use. Sometimes I get to them sometimes I don't.
    Anyways, you have a Great Blog here. Looking forward to your next posting :)


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