Sunday, September 29, 2013

Back in the Homeschooling Groove

I apparently needed a vacation after vacation.  We didn't get a lot of school done last week.  I hate when that happens.  I always feel like Super Homeschool Mom when I manage to pull of an awesome week of school and then I feel like a liver sandwich when it's an off week.

Cub Scouts = BUSY!

Because I was already so busy with Cub Scout stuff, we decided to spend a few days working on Cub Scout achievements with the boys.  It was actually pretty fun and worked out rather well.  Adisson learned about time zones and Zander had his first run-in with the scientific method.  We also spent some time discussing citizenship and the boys made collages that reminded them of America.  My nearly-a-Boy Scout earned his Family Travel Academic Pin, Geography Academic Pin, and Citizenship Academic Pin.  In the interest of full disclosure, I picked out a few pins that he was very close to earning so he could finish them off.  My brand new Cub Scout earned his Science Belt Loop.

This week, I think we'll get started on their Heritages Belt Loop.  We went on a really fun field trip last week with our homeschooling friends.  It was a farm with a lot of historical activities set up for school kids participation, but there was also a museum there showcasing the area's rich Scottish heritage.  Adam's family is from Scotland so the kids and I had a lot of fun trying to find out with which Scottish clan his family (well, their family as well) would most likely be associated.  Additionally, Adisson needs to complete his Weather Academic Pin and Zander can earn his Weather Belt Loop.  Fortunately, I know where I can find some awesome weather curriculum for us to use.

Speaking of our field trip, here are a few photos:
Here's my guys (plus an extra---Adisson's best friend) after digging up potatoes.  

Zander was a little too short and when the handle got to the top, he had to jump to reach it.

Adisson really enjoyed our visit to the woodsmith.  I think the feeling was mutual.

And in other school news...

Ok, I think I've tried planning for our school year about 5 different ways over the last several months and every single one has failed thus far.  Oops.  So, I'm going back to what we used last year.  I print out a sheet of weekly assignments, click through the lessons, and write down what needs to be completed each day.  It works out fine...not sure why I keep trying to change it.  I'm also going to stop planning too far in advance.  With another vacation upcoming and then birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, traveling, etc. school can get shuffled around a little and when I plan for months in advance, my schedule ends up a mess.  I'm planning for one week at a time!

This week, Adisson's going to be learning about commas, James Madison, and the periodic table, just to name a few.  Zander is going to be working on his handwriting (yikes!), reading, and reviewing a sight word list.  Yes, they'll both be doing math as well, but that's not a very exciting subject around here, unfortunately.  I'd also like to get back to our family reading of the book Shiloh.  Plus, I've got a few fun activities planned for my littlest guy--if he can manage a 15 minute stretch of no outbursts.  

I want this week to be awesome.  I don't want it to be just ok or we just muddled through.  At the end of the week, I want to say "That was a great week of homeschooling!"  I wonder if I can make my enthusiasm contagious...well, I'm certainly going to try!

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