Monday, September 16, 2013

It's Finally Time!

Greetings from the Outer Banks!

Honestly, I feel like last week and all the chaos that came with it are now a million miles away.  We had a houseful of contractors in the house all day, each day but now it doesn't matter.  The day we very anxiously awaited arrived and so did the McGhee family at our vacation getaway.  And there is no construction at this house. :)

We have a lot in store for the week. Some sightseeing, some touring, but mostly just spending time at the beach.  Adisson will spend hours on his boogie board.  Zander will literally lay in the sand and let the waves crash all over him.  Jax will spend most of the time playing in the sand while occasionally running to the water but rarely actually touching it.  I will sit in my beach chair calling out to the boys reminding them not to throw sand or to look at the crabs scurrying nearby.

But, there's more...

The learning never stops.  No, we aren't on a regular school schedule.  We are taking a vacation.  However, I should tell you something about my kids, maybe it affects your children as well, they aren't always great at entertaining themselves.  Knowing this, I'm ready with some stuff to occupy the kiddos.  Along with coloring books, crayons, activity binders, and some toys, I've also got some fun phonics games to try out on their tablets. 

Plus, what kind of homeschooling mama would I be if I didn't talk to them about ocean life and ecosystems while we are here? We have seen some pretty neat creatures already.  Hopefully, we can snap a few good pictures this week to add to our animal scrapbook. I'll say that crabs of all shapes and sizes are probably our favorite.   Well, a bird dropped half of a fish in front of us today and then came back to retrieve it--that was pretty awesome!

I hope to add some photos soon.  I'm currently using Adam's tablet to get this post ready and it is not as user friendly as I would like.  Once again, I will be asking Santa for a Chromebook this year.  :)

Until next time...

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