Sunday, September 22, 2013

Vacation was...

Over in the Blink of an Eye

For an entire week, I lived like we were on vacation...which was nice since we were.  Sure, I did a little work here and there and did a little more administrative Cub Scout duties than I would have cared to do on a beach vacation, but in large part, I soaked up the rest.  I read a few books. I sat with my toes nestled in the sand and gazed at the ocean waves rolling in and out for hours at a time.  I watched my sons breathe in the wonder that is the sea.  I felt my soul connect with nature, with life, with God.  It was amazing.

And it ended.  All too soon and with a bang.  Because the second we stepped through the door at home, we were hard at work.  Adam and I are heavily involved in our sons' Cub Scout Pack and with our first Pack meeting in a few days, we had no time to waste getting organized and ready.  And as much as I love being involved, for a few moments, I wished we weren't.

But wait....

A few things happened while on vacation.  I started thinking about what I'd like to be doing right now, in my life, on this earth.  I definitely feel like I'm a very busy person, as most moms with three boys 10 and under are, and maybe this isn't the right time to add to the project list...but then I thought, if not now, when?  So it's now.  I want to start working on a writing project.  Well, I began on vacation, but I want to push forward full steam ahead right away.  But there's that pesky little thing called time.  Sure, there's plenty of it for me to utilize, but I don't manage my time well, AT ALL.  I 'spose I'll be working on that, too.

(I won't actually be writing with that.)

This Week in School

In our upcoming school week, Adisson is going to be working on his STEM related project for Cub Scouts.  He only has a few more months before he becomes a Boy Scout, so he needs to get busy.  It's a big project and he's already started, he just needs some motivation to get going.  And that's what I'm here for!  I'm excited to help him spend some time exploring the universe ---he's really been into that lately.  

Zander is going to be working on Spelling because he loves it and having some fun with some online vocabulary flashcards.  Right now, he thinks everything is fun, which is awesome.  He enjoys his time on the computer with his lessons and games and then we do some activities away from the screen.  People think because we use a computer-based curriculum that we sit like zombies in front of the computer all day everyday.  Not even close...

This is going to be a busy week.  Vehicle insurance issues, home insurance/contractor issues, busy with Scouts, unpacking, really just a hundred different things.  And when it gets to be overwhelming, I'm going to stop and listen.  Because maybe, just maybe, if I listen hard enough, I'll hear the ocean again.  Calling my name and telling me that every problem, every irritation, every annoyance, is but a grain of sand in my life...and that I need to see the bigger picture.  And it's a pretty amazing picture.  

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  1. Love this post! Reminds me that I too need to stop and listen and hang onto that bigger picture... :)



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