Sunday, October 20, 2013


Well, this past week was definitely better than the week before but not by much.  After a monthlong construction hiatus, we had contractors in the house for most of last week.  No matter how hard I try, we don't seem to get much done when there is work going on downstairs.  At this point, I'm just happy anything manages to get done, for school and in the house.

School News

Adisson is really enjoying his science unit of electrical energy.  At one point, similarities of a battery and a magnet were discussed and that prompted the retrieval of our magnet kit and Snap Circuit set.  Adisson and his dad spent a lot of time building various circuits but our favorite was the one that became a radio with music coming out of the speaker.  Zander was more interested in the magnets so we'll be working on magnet lessons this week.  

Zander is getting better at his reading each week.  He gets really excited when we are out in public and he finds a sign that he can read by himself or part of the menu that he's able to understand.  I'm happy that his confidence in reading is growing.  This week we will continue our ongoing review of sight words and add in some discussion of syllables.  

Scout News

We've been very very very busy with Scouts over the last few weeks.  The boys are busy with projects: Adisson working on his Craftsman activity badge and Zander working on his Leave No Trace Award.  The Webelos Craftsman badge is one of the hardest to earn as it's the most time-consuming.  This week, Adisson will be working on two projects that involve the use of a saw.   Zander had to make a poster for his Leave No Trace Awareness project and it turned out amazing!!  I don't have a picture but I'll snap on this week to include here.

The Week Ahead

This week, school will likely be about the same as last week.  I'm hoping that construction here continues as I really want the house to get done soon.  We're all tired of the unfinished look and I'm ready for it to be done so our lives can get back to whatever normal that doesn't include construction.  We will also be working diligently on Halloween costumes!  I'm not sure if everyone has decided on their costume yet, but I'm pretty sure Zander is going to be a "pirate captain" and Jax is going to be a "pirate bird."  I'm pretty excited about both of those costumes because it means I get to make them.  

Stay tuned this week for an awesome guest blog post by my friend Brandy on how to juggle homeschooling with working.  It can be done!  


  1. Aw, I remember when my boys earned the Leave No Trace award! We all enjoyed that one! :) Good luck with your construction this week, and with the costumes. Can't wait to see pics! :)


  2. I'm so excited to post costume pics this week! Adam's is especially exciting, but I think the kids will be super cute as well!! :)


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