Sunday, October 6, 2013

I love it when things get done!

Ohhhhh, yeah!!

Some weeks aren't so great, some weeks are just ok, some weeks are a mess!

And sometimes....they are AWESOME!  

Nothing exceptional happened for us last week.  The house is still in disrepair.  We still have a rental van.  In fact, the upstairs HVAC unit is broken and Jaxon has had a fever for the last 24 hours.  So things are chaotic and messy.  But last week in our homeschool, every.single.task was completed.  I made a plan before school started on Monday, we worked on it everyday, and got everything done.  It feels amazing!

I have most of this week planned already but I'm not quite finished.  I would have liked to have completed lesson plans this evening, but Jax still needed some Mama time.  I'll get our plans finished up tomorrow before school gets underway.  I'm hoping my littlest guy starts feeling even better in the morning.  Due to no cool air upstairs and the threat of an overnight storm (which would mean closing the windows upstairs), we're all camping out in the living room tonight.  The boys are THRILLED!

Now for School News

Adisson's pretty excited to get science started this week.  We'll be talking about electricity and there are a few experiments that will be really fun for him.  We spent last week discussing the periodic table.  It was interesting for both of us but he was ready to finish it up because it was a little difficult.  We'll also continue learning about the War of 1812 this week.  It will be a good week for him.

Zander is really making some progress as he's learning to read.  He loves his Time4Learning lessons and cartoons and I think they are really helping him grasp phonics.  We've been working on Hooked on Phonics and BOB books after we're done with Time4Learning and he's doing much better with them than he has in the past.  He also had his first T4L science lesson last week.  He was excited because it was lesson on is it living or nonliving and mostly discussed ocean animals.  We spent a lot of time discussing ocean life on vacation so he was ready to answer all of the questions.

I Promise to Do My Best

This week is another busy week.  Cub Scouts keeps us incredibly busy.  Adisson's "homework" for his next meeting is to make something.  It just so happens that we purchased some Minecraft-like fleece last week for small throws for each of the boys.  We're hoping to get at least Adisson's done tomorrow.  And this weekend is our Fall Camporee!  We haven't been camping in several months so the boys are anxious to get out there...and as much as camping and I dislike each other, I'm excited, too!

In the meantime, I'm still living on my homeschool cloud of completion.  I know not every week will be like last week and that's definitely ok.  But every once in awhile, it sure is nice when it all gets done.

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