Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Awesomeness of Homeschooling


A few weeks ago, a very nice lady from the Associated Press contacted me and asked if I could answer some questions regarding Homeschooling in the Military and I gladly obliged.  I know how those AP articles can take off like wildfire once they are out there and that has definitely been the case this weekend!  Since I'm quoted in the article, I've had several people ask me about getting started homeschooling.  It's been exciting to talk to so many people and share my love of homeschooling!

So if you have found my blog thanks to the article, welcome!  It's nice of you to stop by and check out our homeschool!

News of the Homeschool Kind

Speaking of, last week was a pretty good one!  That's always a nice way to describe a week of schooling the kiddos.  This week, we did not have any polycrystal accidents.  And in case you don't know the story, here's the scoop.  We were working on a science experiment on incredibly awesome polycrystals and how they absorb liquid.  We set up the hall bathroom as our lab with our polycrystal experiment and a celery/food coloring experiment.  Enter Jaxon.  After seeing the crystals grow tremendously in size (now we could plant some seeds in the cups), Jaxon knocks over a cup.  Zander tried to be helpful by (secretly) clearing away the mess...and washing crystals down the drain (just so ya know, the instructions are very clear on one thing about polycrystals: DO NOT WASH POLYCRYSTALS DOWN THE DRAIN!).  Adam had to take the pipes apart under the sink to ensure there weren't polycrystals blocking them.  And that was the end of the bathroom science lab.  This week, we'll try again with the plant lesson...IN THE KITCHEN!

I mentioned we'd spend last week working on sight words and syllables with Zander and we did just that. He's struggling with a few sight words so we'll continue to keep those on his spelling list.  Syllables were easier and coincidentally, Adisson had a lesson reviewing syllables so they worked together.  We've found that clapping out the syllables is the most fun way to learn!  We also continued learning about electrical energy as part of Adisson's science lessons and James Monroe for social studies.

Time for Cub Scouts

Last week was our Pack meeting.  It was exciting because my little guy earned his Bobcat Badge!  Since I'm a Tiger Cub Den Leader, it was extra special because all of "my boys" earned their Bobcat badge!  We do a really neat face painting ceremony that the kids all love.  I don't have a photo of me painting Zander's face (because there are other kids in it and I don't post other kids on my blog) but I do have a picture of him painting mine!  After I finished painting his, he got to paint a white strip down my nose...every kid's favorite part of the ceremony!

Mom's turn!

And as promised, albeit late, here's a photo of my middle guy with his impressive Leave No Trace poster.  Adisson took the photos of Zander depicting each part of the Leave No Trace promise.  In my opinion, he has the coolest poster!

Look closely, you can see his face paint!

And so as not to leave out any of my boys, here's a shot of the three of them.  I apologize for the quality of the photos but my camera skills with a cell phone are clearly lacking. 

My Webelos Scout, my Tiger Cub, and my sweet little monster.

This weekend we were VERY busy getting ready for an exciting trip and putting together Halloween costumes.  I promise there will be photos in the future!  Here's a hint: Adam will finally have a beard!

These kids make me crazy, run me ragged, and wear me out, but this parenting thing is the best part of my life.  :)  Love it!

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  1. I always love reading your blog...congrats to your little guy on his Bobcat badge! Thanks for sharing such great photos, as usual! :)



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