Sunday, November 17, 2013

Let's Just Play with Legos Everyday

Last week, we had to get back in the swing of things after an awesome vacation.  That was difficult for everyone.  The boys just wanted to play with Legos and I just wanted to sleep.

Time for Learning

Fortunately, though, some school work was completed.  Adisson is finishing up his Social Studies lessons on early American politics.  He enjoys reading about it and learning about the presidents, but I think he's ready to move on.  We have a goal to learn the president's names in order this year so we've been working on that while going through his lessons.  In Science, we're still learning about electrical energy.  I say that "we" are learning because I absolutely mean that.  Adisson is not the only member of this family who is learning how electricity works when we're working on science.  It's me, too!

Language arts is always a fussy subject with my oldest.  He doesn't particularly enjoy learning about adjectives.  However, he has recently started his own blog so I'm hoping that some of the things we've been talking about all year are put into practice while he's writing.  I think that could be classified as wishful thinking, however.  Aside from english, his spelling work seems to be going rather well.  He does a great job on his spelling lessons and always aces his spelling test online.  I heard something a few weeks ago that has stuck with me.  It was said that a great reader is not always a good speller but a good speller is always a great reader.  Hearing that motivated me to make spelling a bigger priority in our homeschool.

Zander is still chugging along in the first grade.  He loves his math assignments and I'm assuming it's because he's pretty good at math.  He has been enjoying his language arts lessons and I've seen a big improvement in his reading fluency and comprehension.  He always says, "But, Mom, I can't read," and then reads the book we are working on together.  :)  He's not a very strong reader, but he's improving every day.  I see new connections being made when we pick up a book we've read before and I see his processing skills get better all the time.  I'm very pleased with his reading progress, but I know he'd like to read better.


Speaking of Zander, my middle son turned SEVEN today!  His entry into this world was a very dramatic one.  Zander loves to hear the story. I just fell head over heels in love with him the second I saw his face.  He was baby that had given me the most difficult pregnancy, the baby I was so worried I wouldn't love as much as I loved my first baby (turns do love them just as much!), the only baby I hoped was a boy....that baby was finally here.  :)  And that baby is now 7.

One of his Lego gifts.  Will add picture when he finishes the build!

As a homeschool mama, the days can seem like they run together.  You don't get "the break" your friends do when they send their kids to public school.  You are "on" from the second you wake up until the second you go to sleep.  The kids, the house, your spouse, school, outside activities, yourself, etc. all need a piece of your time everyday.  Sometimes, it seems like maybe it would be easier if they went away to school.  Maybe then you could have a moment to sit, to breath.  But those thoughts are fast and fleeting.  I don't want to miss a second of it all.  When they learn to read, when the math finally clicks, when they wanna sleep in (and I can say yes), when they get to spend their time learning about something that truly interests them, when they get to play with Legos for a few hours each day, when they turn to their brother and say "Let's play together."  Those are the moments you get to have.  What a blessing.  :)


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