Friday, November 1, 2013

Our Ultimate Field Trip

Well, that didn't exactly go as planned.  With all the excitement of Halloween costumes and crafts and preparing for our vacation, school didn't quite go the way I was hoping it would this week.  Ugh.  I feel like I'm either excited from a great week or mopey from a not so great week.  Tell me that's how it goes in your house, too....please.  :)

School was rather light this week.  We did not get to the plant lesson that I talked about a few days ago because we decided the timing wasn't so great.  We're heading out of town and we'd miss most of the excitement of seeing something grow.  We did, however, take a sensory neighborhood walk talking about the sights, sounds, and smells of autumn.  We discussed the animals that make their homes in our woods and played some nature games we found online.

Because Zander is still having a hard time with a few sight words, I wanted him to have some time to work on them this week.  We've tried several different ways to practice the words including doing some jumping jacks while reviewing them (which he likes!), writing them, spelling them with play-doh, and playing an online game to unscramble them.  I think the tricky ones are finally starting to stick.

We are finally heading to Orlando for what the kids are calling the vacation of a lifetime.  Several months ago, my oldest informed me of this year's location for Minecon--Orlando, Florida.  I had apparently promised him that if Minecon was ever held on the east coast that we would go.  Oops.  Open mouth, insert foot.  However, it is a pretty awesome feeling getting to be the best parent in the world for awhile.  That doesn't happen too often around here.

Whatever will we do in Orlando?

Surprisingly enough, we are NOT going to DisneyWorld.  I would like the kids to be a little older before we go.  Since Minecon will be taking up two full days, we have planned a few other day trips for the week while we are there.  Having such enthusiastic Lego lovers in the house demands a trip to LegoLand. Because the tickets were an AMAZING price (of FREE!), we're also hitting up SeaWorld.  That leaves about two days to chill at the resort and hopefully take a drive to the ocean.

What about school?

Yeah, we're not doing any.  :)  No math books, no logging in to Time4Learning, no chapter books (unless packed by the kids themselves).  Does that mean we won't be learning?  Goodness, no!  Minecon is full of seminars that we hope to attend.  LegoLand is definitely an educational field trip (especially since we're going on a Homeschool Day) and we'll get to see animals we've only ever read about at SeaWorld.  Everyday will be full of learning and the cool hands-on learning we haven't had enough of lately.

Psssst.....what exactly is Minecon?

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell ya.  Have you heard of Minecraft?  If you have a son between the ages of 8-17, I'll be surprised if you haven't heard about the game.  :)  I'm sending you to Minecraft's Wiki page for a very detailed explanation.  Each year, there is a Minecraft Convention.  Two days of panels, vendors, and Minecraft fans.  This year, there were 7500 tickets available for the convention.  They were difficult to get your hands on as they sold out mere minutes after each release time (the release times were staggered to allow ample opportunity to purchase) and we managed to get four tickets! (Jaxon is free.)

I'll be updating my blog with events from the week, hopefully from each location we visit.  If you subscribe, you'll get an email each time I update...which makes you a very lucky person! :)

Have an awesome week because we definitely will!

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