Saturday, November 9, 2013

Whoa, LegoLand!

Wowza!  I had no idea LegoLand would be so awesome.  Sure, it's Legos and the boys LOVE Legos, but oh my goodness!  It was incredible!  Thanks to a HUGE discount on a scheduled Homeschool Day and Adam getting in free because he's military (thank you LegoLand for honoring the military!), we were able to see LegoLand at an amazing price!

There were Legos everywhere!  The kids went nuts for all the cool Lego sculptures!  There was a cute little lady made out of Duplo blocks near the entrance presumably waiting on the bus.  There was a HUGE Lego dragon that actually sprayed water!  We saw a handsome chef outside the cafe.  There was a tourist and his daughter picking up some cool Lego sets in front of the gift shop.  That was all in the first few minutes of walking in the gate!

There was several rides for the kids to enjoy and they absolutely did!  There was a great playground staffed by LegoLand employees, which I loved!  There were hidden Lego creatures near trees, on top of buildings, sitting on signs.  There was a movie theater where we caught a quick show in 4D.  So not only did we get to wear neat-o 3D glasses, we were also splashed on, snowed on, sneezed on, and had wind blowing around us.

Adisson rode at Zander's request.  What a nice big brother!

Jaxon's favorite ride!

There were shows to see, namely one about Brickbeard the Pirate.  It featured some very talented water skiers and fast speedboats.  The kids loved the show!  There was some entertainment by a very funny deckhand and Lego parrot beforehand, so it was nice that we got there early to grab a good seat and get a few laughs.

Don't fall!

Our favorite part, however, was trading minifigures.  We brought six Lego guys from home and had them with us during our trip.  Near the end of the day, we realized we had so much fun on rides that we had forgotten to trade them!  Each LegoLand employee has a nametag and nearly all of them wear Lego minifigures on their nametag.  You simply ask if you can trade and they swap minifigures with you!  Sometimes, they are really neat combinations of different minifigures so you end up with something you wouldn't have been able to purchase!  We traded all of our minifigures but also purchased *ahem* several others to trade as well.

We also decided to take home a souvenir from LegoLand.....a big Lego haunted house.  It was still on sale from Halloween and Adam really wanted it!  It was the biggest piece we've ever purchased so the boys were VERY anxious to get home and get it put together.  Adisson suggested making a time lapse video of the build and Adam gave it a shot.  I think it turned out AWESOME!  Check it out below!

We truly enjoyed our trip to LegoLand.  I so wish there was one closer as we'd undoubtedly be passholders and go all the time!  How fortunate you Floridians are with your proximity to what might be the coolest place on earth!

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